Exercises to lose weight on the belly and sides of the house

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The muscles of the belly and of the sides refers to the muscles that form the corset. Therefore, your job involves a lot of intertwined muscles, you are all over your back, and stretch through the buttocks to the front, and on the inner part of the thigh. I will make some changes in the lifestyle and conduct of the exercise for losing weight on the belly and sides of the house, to get in the way of your dreams.

The strategy is to slim down the tummy and on the sides

The belly fat looks aesthetically ugly. In addition, it may affect, in general, is your health, if you don't inhibit its growth. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main reasons for the appearance of the stomach. The lack of regular exercise, and low physical activity, along with the rest of the leads to the deposition of fat around the waist. Even in the absence of overweight, poor posture and weak muscles in this area can lead to the accumulation of fat in the belly and on the sides. All you need to do is to get a muscle tone, to get his thin waist. If you don't think that it's just a diet, it will help you to burn belly fat, then you are in the wrong. A diet that contributes to the total amount of weight loss, but it is not able to compress it to a point where your stomach is in and out of the mouth. The exercise of the power, with the low-level provide an increase in the speed of the metabolism, and permit you to burn up calories at a faster rate. You will have a much greater effect of exercise on the weight loss side of it, if you follow these tips.

  • To make the movements of the waist and hip should be stable.
  • Keep your abdominal muscles taut throughout the exercise.
  • Take a deep breath – one that strengthens the abdominal muscles and protect your lower back.
a great way

The exercise should involve a large number of muscles and requires a lot of energy in order to provide an intense calorie burn. Here, under the assistance of high intensity training and burning fat exercise. Success is 80% dependent on the intake of healthy foods. Keep a well-balanced diet with the appropriate amount of macro and micronutrients. To eat the food prepared in the home, and you pass by a fast food and convenience foods. If you go on a healthy diet together with regular exercises for 30 to 45 minutes 4 to 5 days a week, the weight will gradually decrease, and the fat on the belly and on the sides to melt.

The most effective exercises for the belly and on the sides

You should take into consideration, so that your body is not used to such a workout. To do this, at times, to cycle through the options of the method:

  • a direct return to the side and twist the world, including in the ball;
  • squats with a weight;
  • the incline dumbbell;
  • mahi feet, and elements of aerobics.

For a 15-minute warm-up prior to each workout, and are ideal for running, jump rope, or a bike ride.

Direct twist-lying on your back.

Nothing, it's not going to burn up belly fat more rapidly than with the twist. This is an exercise that has many variations. Don't hold your breath for the run. Repeat for 2-3 sets of 10 times. As you bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor, or stand under a right angle. Keep your hands folded on your chest so that you can avoid any excess pressure on the muscles of the neck.

the twist lying down

Contract your abs and exhale, lifting your body. On the in-breath, get down on your knees on the floor. Similar to the initial position, during the lifting of the trunk, and tilt it to the left shoulder to the right-hand side, while holding down the right-hand side, lying on the ground. Then, you can make that move to the other side. You can lower your knees to the floor on the opposite side – is the focus of the movement on the side of the muscle. From the starting position of the exercise is done on the feet, not the shoulders. Force them to work on your abdominal muscles, but you don't use the momentum of the movement to the feet. The feet on this case are in the ground, and a fitball support to the lower back, the shoulders are by weight. From these provisions one can carry out straight to the sides and twisting. You must not sit up for the rise in the body, raise the trunk to an angle of about 30 to 40 degrees, protect your back from injury. All the movements are performed slowly increased.

the bridge

This is an active exercise that uses the muscles of the abdomen and the buttocks. There are a variety of varieties, from the basic to the advanced. Do 10 to 12 repetitions, 2 approach. Be on the lookout for what is not there is no sag in the back, while lifting your butt. To run it from the position of lying on your back with your knees bent and feet firmly on the ground. Exhale as you lift your buttocks upwards, contracting your abdominal muscles. Take a break at the highest point and then descend slowly increased it on the floor. The advanced version, it suggests that you have to strike a balance with the supporting leg, while the second one is pulled up towards the ceiling. In this case, it is the exercise that makes it difficult to add weight. Stick it in the belly of the pancake bar, or lock the hips the bar.

cheer on sat

The vacuum in the stomach

This exercise is also referred to as a four-map, striated abdomen of a vacuum. The vacuum exercise for your belly muscles to make it more of an emphasis on the breath, and does not increase the heart rate. They must be performed on an empty stomach.

  • In the vacuum left by the belly of the position, on all fours. On the exhale, tighten your tummy muscles and hold the position for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • To make a different variation of the exercise while seated, standing, or lying down.

The belt

This is an exercise that trains the muscles in the abdominal region, the thighs and the lower part of the back. The Use of different options of toppings to pump out all of the muscle groups in the body. Try to keep your back flat, and don't give in to the handle of the time. Avoid this position as much as possible. Gradually, it increases and then go on to the strap so that it extends over the hand. In the advanced version of this exercise, you may lift a hand or a foot off the ground. Keep your hips on the ground, to the injury of a variant of the lift for a leg-up – this will make it hard work the side muscles of the hips and the thighs.

  • In contrast to the belt-it's like a little bridge, with no trust in the shoulders and in the elbows or the hands.
  • The strap of the ball.

Take a trip to the ball, so that he was on the hands and feet were on the floor and under the shoulder strap of the seat belt. The precarious position of the foot with the ball of the muscle to extra guidance.

Breathing exercises to reduce your waist and to the side

To apply breathing exercises to remove the fat from the stomach and the mouth.

the bike

To distinguish between 2 different types of technology. To get a flat belly with effective bodyflex, occisis. In the first case, the technology involves the entry of oxygen at the site of the burning of the fat. For this reason, the fast, perform exercises that focus on the breath. Let it here be replaced by a deep inspiration, then on to the newly a sharp exhale, hold your breath. The exercises are performed until a breath later. It takes up to 10 sec. the one who helps with the car's fat. The lessons bodyflex will last for 15 minutes. in which they are carried out an effective exercise for losing weight on the belly and on the sides:

Heat in the feet at shoulder width apart and slightly bent, the body slightly tilted forward, with the palm of your hand to push in just above the knee. You begin to breathe more deeply, and with the effort of pushing the air up to the full release in the lungs, quickly breathe in with the nose, with a full inflating of a stomach. Long exhale air through the mouth, dragged into the stomach, and to stop breathing for about 10 seconds. A repeat of the complexo da maré.

  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees with your palms to place it a little above the knee, a cup and do a breathing exercise. Drop the left hand, placing the elbow on the left knee, right leg, lift it off with your finger without tearing up your feet. In the right hand, lift the head, to keep the feeling of the stretching of the muscle to the side. Make a loop of 5 iterations, the change-of-hands.
  • Sit on the floor, throw one leg to the other, out of the tent. In the right hand, take the opposite knee, and the left hand playing at the back. Do a breathing exercise, you pull your left knee in to the top, so that the body of it was turned, I felt the tension on the belt. Looking back at the stretch of the waistband, to the outer side of the thigh. Over 5 repetitions, alternate the side of it.

When you are using the system of the occisis not a sharp exhalation, in lieu of them, and the breaths are short. The proper technique is: 1 deep breathing, 3 in, short of breath a deep exhalation, the 3-embolism expiration. To repeat, a technology is effective, it can be up to 30 times, after eating the food. This technique stimulates all the abdominal muscles, obliques, press in the abdomen, which is reduced to a quarter of an hour up to 250 times. This will help you to get rid of the fat, ugly seams, it makes for a flatter tummy.

The loading weight in the belly and on the sides

If you want to lose weight, it must be from time to time, of up to 4 times weekly), the completion of an intense training session, every day, to practice, efficient to load. The project may include any of the following exercises:

Lie on your back, straighten your hands, using the palms of your hands to touch the ground. Rose slowly to his feet with a blend of hops from the belly, it will quickly straighten out your legs.

  • Lie on your back, bend your knees, and the heel is not separate, hands on the nape of her neck with dozens of produced in the elbows. Exhale, lift your body up to your knees, lie down with your arms extended at your sides, move your legs up until you touch it with your fingers on the cushion above her head. Back at the IP, lift your legs up to at least 20 cm, to maintain the for 10 seconds.
  • Sit with your back straight, hands on thighs, stretch your abdominal muscles, without any problems from the bed to the back of the completion of a 90-degree angle between the body and the legs straight.
  • The shallow squat with the load – sit down if you raised it slowly to the back in the minds of a chair, stay for a longer time in a position is in no wise lift up herself. To complicate matters, you can squat with one leg, rotate it on the rim.

The impact of exercises to lose weight in the belly and on the sides

To regulate the conduct of the same, only a few exercise – sometimes makes it a challenge for many who want to lose weight. Actually, not all of us can do on a daily basis to pay attention to the sport, but because the majority decides that a proper diet is all it takes. However, this is the kind of the problem areas such as the stomach and the mouth, it is very difficult to put them in order by means of a deficit of calories. In fact, creating a calorie deficit, read on. The volume is, of course, decreases, but the plane belly-no, not yet. At the waist was flat, you should have strengthened your abdominal muscles. If they are weak, then your belly will still swell, creating an ugly line to have a silhouette. Well, that and tightening the abdominal muscles may be the only effective way to exercise for weight loss in the belly and on the sides. In addition, the physical load is, of course, will help you lose weight faster.

5 exercises that slim down your belly and to the sides

To go on both sides. There are a number of simple, yet effective, exercise to help reduce your mouth and tighten your abdominal muscles. Consider the 5 exercises that slim down your belly and to the sides, and that the drawn pro forma. The first three of the categories in the side and help you in a quick and simple enough to get rid of unnecessary settlements in the region. With these exercises, it is enough for you to get rid of the excess, but not to destabilize, the muscles, the oblique abdominal muscles, which may be an increase in the amount of the waist. The other two will help with the pulling of the press, and get a flat stomach.

the strap with the fitball
  • 1 Slopes. Starting position – feet are shoulder-width apart, arms bent in elbow, holding it at the time. Alternatively, a lean to the side, pulling a leg out in the direction of the slope. If you lean to the right, stretching his left hand, and vice-versa. Repeat that 30 times. This is a very simple, yet very effective. To do this you will need two or three steps, and repeat it every day.
  • 2 are the Curves of the body. Starting position – feet are shoulder-width apart, keeping your hands at chest height, making the brush into the castle. Her again and again, trying to maximize the body, such as the legs and pelvis when you leave your home. Do 20 times on each side, and two or three of these approaches.
  • 3-with a Twist. Starting position – lying on the back, keep your hands behind your head, and your feet are on the floor with her legs folded on her lap. Raising the body, up to his knees, making a turn, then back to the starting position. Repeat 10 times on each side. But this is enough for one or two of these approaches.
  • 4 is an Elevation of the upper body. There are two flavors of the same year. The first is designed to strengthen the top of the press, and the second one allows you you you you you it's good to work on lower abdominals. So, let's go down to the ground, and the feet to start all over again in the knees, and the feet rest on the floor, keep your hands on the back of my head. Separate your shoulder blades from the ground, and his chin drawn up, the body is not fully raised, we have taken the position of the original. We do two to three sets of 12 to 15 times. In the second variation, we are all the same, only the body is raised completely, destroyed, by pulling your chest to your knees.
  • 5-Lifting of the legs. Go down to the floor, the hands rest on the ground, and keep them for the long torso, the waist as well to press on to press on the ground. The legs raised at right angles to the body, and then, increased slowly, and the crashing of the people, and hold off for 1 or 2 seconds for about 5 to 10 cm) from the floor and back up. Repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times, make two or three points.

Effective exercise for the abdominal muscles

It is difficult to attain to the perfection of the forms, especially in a complex water area, such as the belly and the waist. To keep the weight off, maintain a slimmer waist, flatter tummy with less than 40 years old, making it a real problem. But you can do it. Effective exercises from experienced fitness trainer Gay Gasper, it is certain that they allows you to get the slim waist and flat stomach. Gay Gasper him and he called the name of the complex is the "Abdominal press for dummies". For each exercise is given, also, the more complicated it is for a change to the high level, or vice-versa, and it's a lighter version, in the first phase, which is difficult to deal with even the most basic things. You do not need special equipment, or projectiles, you just need a mat. As soon as the complexo da maré, for a flat stomach Gay Gasper is an ideal place for the practice of the house. Gay Gasper is recommended to combine the exercises for the abs with the aerobics-and a balanced power, t. to. the balance sheet, of the press, it is not enough to get a flat stomach. To burn fat, it is not only possible in a specific area, and therefore, without the aerobic capacity of the load and a balanced diet, flat belly doesn't have to, and even sobreparaaceny press abdomen will obscure the layer of fat under the skin. Carrying out these recommendations, and after 2 to 3 months, You are guaranteed to get the slim waist and the smooth, beautiful face. Yes, unfortunately, it is not a quick process. However, the first to motivate, the results of which you will be able to see over the two weeks, if you are involved in the day-time.