How to lose weight quickly

How many repeats to nutritionists and other doctors that the weight loss should be comprehensive and gradual and healthy eating should become a way of life, interested in extreme diets that promise quick weight loss in a period of three days to a week, not falling. The opinion of the doctors of course, we respect. But what to do when you need fast results?

lose weight

A burning permit? To lose weight quickly!

Reasons to go on a strict diet, but to guarantee quick results, can be many. For example, the day after the wedding... relax, your girlfriend. (Let's hope that by your wedding you will still fit responsible and give shape to the ideal start for a few months before the Grand event). Or, say, the party, the occasion – and you, to put it mildly, not in the form. Or you are invited for a weekend in a restaurant the man of your dreams, and the corresponding about the toilet sits as something terrible and bursting at the seams. There are causes and more serious: for the New Year selected the dress, but in the boutique only had a size smaller! It's a nightmare. Dress luxurious, the New Year on the nose. Urgent sort of figure!

And as you sit on your swimsuit? It would seem so to the beach, then the season could be prepared in advance. But in today's world with all the seasons mixed up: Christmas can be found not only in the resort but on the white sand by the ocean waves. So it may happen that you urgently well, well, desperately need to take a decent look before going to the beach, because I'm lookin ' a burning permit. Or (Oh dreams!) suddenly got invited to Bali a pleasant gentleman.

There are professional reasons to start looking for a way to lose weight quickly: castings, photo shoots and the like. Sometimes "to look decent" seek a business woman and learned ladies at conferences, seminars, large presentations to the professional community. Media personalities seek to bring the figure to perfection before the interview with photos or video. So you probably can find a lot of reasons to lose weight quickly!

Select diet

To date, there are hundreds of diets, if not thousands. They can be divided into three types:

  • long-term
  • short-term
  • extreme

Long-term diets are often based on counting calories of foods associated with the restriction of the use of fats, carbohydrates. However, in recent years, in addition to calorie content, increasing emphasis on the hypoglycemic index of foods. Some diets offer almost some vegetable dishes, while others – mostly protein foods (which, incidentally, cause health problems). There are diets in which the concept of a healthy lifestyle is to transition to vegetarianism: for example, "Easy way to lose weight" from the renowned author of the bestselling book on habit (who is light and who is not). Others preach a transition to a particular way of eating: for example, separate. But for our purposes all of these diets have one major drawback: to achieve results will need to adhere to the specified system power from ten days to two to three months. And we also want to lose weight fast! We have three days holiday, and a week – the hot beaches in last minute!

Then focus our attention on short-term diets that allow you to quickly pull the body and get into jeans a size smaller. Here the emphasis is on the calorie content of foods, the purification of the stomach, the withdrawal of water from the body (which allows to reduce the volume and immediately lose 2 – 3 kg or more), as well as the acceleration of metabolism. The simplest short-term diet fasting days (they are also the most safe). One or two times a week we're just "easy" day for the body: yogurt, difficult, or even water. The next day felt a significant relief, including due to the absence of in the stomach the usual "full weight". Someone is enough on the weekend to feel like a butterfly. But if we are talking about sharp reset at least a couple-three pounds, selected a short-term diet for 3 to 5 days. Among them are gentle enough, but still most short-term diets need to gather in a fist will and... in the words of Maya Plisetskaya, "do not eat". Such low calorie diets are very effective and often is only 300 – 700 calories a day.

Chocolate and banana diet fasting day

But a weak man! We tend to want to suffer less, and the result is to get more. What tricks do not go to the patients to make the process of dramatic weight loss as pleasant as possible! For example, focus on eating favorite foods. Don't like apples? Choosing a banana diet. Its advantages in a good mood due to the production of serotonin and certain satiety. Three days only bananas, most importantly, no more than two pounds per day, otherwise you can't get more than going to lose. Short-term protein or protein-egg diet is well excreted water from the body and felt constant satiety. But if the kidneys are not in order – pre-call "fast". Grape diet (a kilo of grapes, a litre of juice or wine a day) fills the body with vitamins, "quickens the blood", improves skin condition. Watermelon diet (1 kg of pulp per 9 kg body weight) displays a perfect water, but that you know the answer yourself. Contraindication, as in all bringing the water diet kidney problems. Satiety is guaranteed, not everyone will eat even put him on weight serving of watermelon (for example, 15 kilo). A diet low in calories, unless, of course, not to eat watermelon with bread.

For situations when you need to lose more than a couple pounds, intended weekly mono. The most popular are buckwheat. Just remember – buckwheat is not salt, can not be boiled, only steamed. In General, not much to eat... some people prefer rice mono-diet, someone- "Bonn soup" (the main thing is, it can be gallons, how many you want). Unfortunately, extreme mono-diet is a great way not only to check for yourself, how to lose weight quickly, but also go to the hospital. For example, a week without receipt of the necessary vitamins, minerals, which is very typical for a mono-diet affects the skin, hair and health. One of the most original diets include wine and chocolate. Three days in wine and cheese – what foodie would refuse? Again, the action based on the withdrawal of water from the body. And "chocolate" three-day diet first, low in calories (550 kcal per day), and secondly, it activates metabolism. One of the ways out of the "plateau". Well, the salvation for those, who can not live without coffee and chocolate: a bar of dark chocolate a day and how many want coffee without sugar. That's just the odds to call the intensive care is very high, especially if you also smoke. Heart to such extreme treated with great suspicion...

"Doctor, why are you so sad?"

It would seem that the question of how to lose weight quickly, solved: a solution is found, and not one. Dozens strict diets aimed at quick, sharp weight loss is at your service. And yet...the Main disadvantage of all these quick ways to lose weight – a short-term result. You got into the dress at the dressed in a new swimsuit, and in a few days... Water is back as you returned to normal life, and the effect is not so noticeable (the fat during short term dieting is practically not out). Second, after such a shock the body can take offense at you and cruel revenge. In "hungry days" when the body changes to economical power mode and begins to consume fewer calories. As soon as you return to the beloved to cakes and pastries, the extra calories will be more than before, with the same way of eating. So, you should expect a dramatic weight gain. Thirdly, if you weigh eighty kilos, this diet is unlikely to give a noticeable change: the departure of a few pounds will be outwardly hardly noticeable.

And, of course, the most extreme diets have strict contraindications and can lead to serious health consequences. Long-term diet, which is a long power supply system, lead to more stable results more safe way. Oh, and one more thing: don't expect short-term diets care fat from "problem areas". It will have to exercise: even with the most healthy diet of the body, which reduces weight remains flabby and ugly, and purchased sports load. Unfortunately, all these words about a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and exercise, many seem very boring... But because of the popularity of extreme diets is not reduced, because the bananas with chocolate "sit" is much more interesting!