Diet – types, features, their advantages and disadvantages.

Popular diets every year is gaining momentum. Nutritionists all over the world looking for the miracle option, which will help a person to get rid of unwanted pounds. Now there are countless diets and almost each of them will offer desired weight loss and beautiful body. If you have decided to lose weight and plan steadfastly to withstand all the restrictions, think about how rational your chosen diet and not whether it will bring even more damage?


Types of diets

All variety of diets can be divided into types:

  • mono – diet, which is dominated by only one type of food. The essence of the diet is that dieters select 1, max 2 product and for a long time eats only this food;
  • protein diet – suggest the almost complete elimination of carbohydrate;
  • diet for blood group, as the name implies this takes into account the physiological needs of the person based on the data in his blood;
  • the Express diet, they are aimed at rapid weight loss, when to get into shape you need for a few days;
  • recipes weight loss from the world – class stars Naomi Campbell, Larisa Dolina, Victoria Beckham, etc.;
  • interval diets that offer to eat a variety of products, but with certain intervals;
  • vegetarianism is a type of food that provides for the rejection of animal products (meat, eggs, dairy products).

The major common errors dieters human

Diet is not just a set of dishes that can be eaten the person a certain period of time. The diet should consider the physiological characteristics of the person and try as much as possible to satisfy them. Do not use diets that are contrary to common sense and can cause injury. In order to make the process of losing weight successfully, you must strictly adhere to all the rules of the chosen diet, and in any case not to engage in independent action. Every diet developed experimentally and takes into account the digestibility of certain foods and their compatibility. Don't experiment on yourself at home.

Typical mistakes:

  • if a short-term diet designed for 3-5 days, it is not necessary to stretch it for a longer period. Long-lasting power in a very strict mode may cause failure in the digestive system;
  • every product from dietary diet matters, so arbitrarily exclude any product impossible;
  • a long period of abstinence from carbohydrates can worsen the General condition, and lead to weakness;
  • during the diet it is important to take vitamins or vitamin-mineral supplements. Thus, you will obtain everything you need for normal life even with strict diet;
  • you can not sit on a strict diet and to engage in serious exercise. Mistakenly believed that a strict diet must be respected in sport. If you go to the gym, then you need to eat rationally – to carbohydrates, proteins and even fats.

The advantages and disadvantages of diet

Despite the fact that the diets differ in all characteristics (types of food, number of meals), they all have one common goal – to reduce the weight. Therefore, all diets have certain advantages and disadvantages.


  • most modern diets offer complete freedom in the number of meals, t.. Zn. a person should not experience feelings of hunger;
  • food on the long-term diets almost always gives a positive result, and dropped weight is not returned;
  • short-term diets help cleanse the body and normalize metabolism.


  • person unusual to limit myself for a long time, so if there is a failure, he begins to use what he was forbidden, in large quantities. As a result, the lost weight returns, and due to the overabundance of prohibited foods a person's weight becomes more than they were before the diet;
  • short-term diet, of course, give the result, but it is also possible, but a strict diet even for several days may adversely affect the health of the digestive system;
  • in the presence of chronic diseases necessarily need to consult with a specialist, maybe some diet people will contraindicated;
  • diet is not the diet for a few weeks, diet is a lifestyle. For example, long-term diets that promise weight loss and stabilization of weight suggest that people in a few months will get used to healthy food and can eat a lifetime;
  • diet is not able to remove fat from problem areas, to achieve the desired result you have to combine healthy eating and exercise.

Next, let's consider the most popular diets and their principles, advantages and disadvantages.

Mono -

The essence of this power is that if the person is not suffering from any chronic illnesses, in stressful situations you will lose weight. The process of weight loss is due to the fact that the organism receives only one or two products, and in its digestion of the body spends more energy than this product can give. Of course, for weight loss is what you need, but health is a real stress. To eat on the mode to mono can be no more than 7 days.


  • in a relatively short period of time (3-7 days) weight is reduced;
  • products for mono you can choose according to their preferences, which makes it easier to transfer the process of weight loss.

Disadvantages of mono-diet:

  • the use of one of yogurt will lead to an overabundance of lactic acid bacteria, which in turn can cause dysbiosis and lead to skin problems;
  • the use of one kind of fruit (Apple, banana) may lead to irritability and poor mood. You need to prepare friends and relatives for possible differences in mood losing weight the person;
  • oatmeal can lead to iron deficiency, so you need to carefully choose the rump, which should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals;
  • we need a strict measure, it is impossible to eat 2-3 kg of apples or drink 2 liters of kefir;
  • after the diet should eat moderately and not try to eat everything that was lost during the dieting days

Protein diet

One of the most popular protein diets is the Dukan diet. Its essence is that people for a long time, consume protein foods, carbohydrate foods in this diet are minimized. The difference between the diets is that a person eats certain phases. Diet period depends on how much weight you need to lose, on average, the Dukan diet lasts at least 3 months. The maximum period dieting is not. For the period of weight loss, the person gets the desired weight and gets used to such food.

The advantages of the diet:

  • weight really decreases and does not return for a long time;
  • no restrictions on number of meals, the person should not feel hunger;
  • the staple diet is fish, meat, dairy products, ie the person minimum restriction;
  • no grueling calorie counting or control of food;
  • welcome physical activity, only in the first stage it is advisable to save your strength, and all the other sports even recommended.


  • the first stage is the toughest, you may harm the body. If a person has health problems, you need to carefully monitor their condition and take vitamins;
  • only suitable for young people, in the absence of chronic diseases;
  • possible constipation and digestive problems;
  • increased burning of accumulated fat with excessive consumption of protein products is called ketosis. Ketosis increases the load on the kidneys and heart, there is bad breath.

Diet for blood group

The developers of the diet believe that people should consume the food that best fits his blood type. For example, it is believed that people with first blood is hunters and foragers, so their main food is meat and seafood. Holders of the second group are people who have moved from hunting to farming, hence their main menu should consist of vegetables and fruits. The third group is the nomads, they are best adapted to different products, so their diet is the most rich. The fourth group of blood arose as a mixture of the first and third groups, and hence the power of the holders of the fourth group is composed of combinations of these menu groups.


  • even such a diet can lead to weight reduction, because in General low-calorie diet;
  • the right attitude and faith in the victory over excess weight in any case will give a positive result.


  • there is no justification to divide the food. It is impossible for people around the world to impose only four of the diet, not considering the age and physiological features;
  • in addition to the 4 blood groups there are at least 24 systems groups, so it is illogical to divide all people into 4 groups.

Express diet

Fast diet great for fast weight loss a few pounds. Diet provides several days to eat in strict mode, which gives quick result. A great option for quick weight loss before a holiday or a celebration.

The advantages of the diet:

  • weight really goes away;
  • short-term diet, with a properly drafted diet cleanse the body and improve metabolism.


  • weight loss is only short-term phenomenon, after the diet, the weight returns very quickly;
  • long hair quick diets may harm the body;
  • the diet should be rational, even if it takes 5 days, it is impossible to eat one Apple or Cup of yogurt.

Interval diet

The bottom line is that a person will have to enjoy a eat-starve-eat. It turns out that a few days a week the person will eat normally, and some days you need to follow a strict diet.


  • no need to count calories or number of meals;
  • the right combination with exercise will give a positive result;
  • to improve the overall condition of the body.


  • low effectiveness of the diet without a corresponding load;
  • there may be bouts of gastritis due to excess fiber.


The type of food that provides for a complete rejection of eating meat, dairy products and all animal products. About the benefits of vegetarianism have been disputes, thousands of people around the world are actively advocating to abandon the killing of animals completely switch to vegetarian food.

Diet from world stars

Most famous people don't hide their problems with excess weight and actively offer ordinary people to experience the diet "from the stars". But don't completely trust these recipes and famous people resort to a specific diet, only after consulting with a good nutritionist. Nutritionists choose a diet in accordance with the physiological characteristics of the organism, and therefore, this diet may not help everyone. In conclusion, we note that it is not necessary to fully trust diets. You need to seek a middle ground – it is impossible to starve or disappear for days in the gym. All should be the measure, most importantly tune in to a positive outcome and strive for the goal.