Keto diet — the basic concepts

This article describes the principle of power, which is called "ketogenic diet" (or "keto diet"), based on the analysis of medical data. The method is tested on volunteers and a wide mass. The article painted the entire system however set out a General principle with the rationale for each step, what is more important for self-awareness and adjusting their features, hours, condition, etc.

Recently widespread in the world received a carbohydrate-free diet (it is, briefly, keto diet). Its essence is to almost completely eliminate carbohydrates from the diet.

The fact that the lack of glucose obtained from the breakdown of carbohydrates, the body needs to move to another energy source. He is so ready this in advance, because fat is the main source of energy savings for a "rainy day".

Foods for keto diet

Carbohydrates are the main standard source of providing the body with energy, despite the fact that give less energy in kcal compared with fats(4kcal/g and 9kcal/g, respectively). Because the body considers them something of low value. Even "store" for them is not envisaged, in contrast to ad stored fat.

The main problem is to give the body a good kick, so he figured out what we want from him, and therefore moved to another state where it will oxidize fats. Designed for this keto diet.

Keto Diet — General information

Acute problem — overweight and obesity. This is one of the most pressing health and social problems. Overweight phenomena is one of the most common causes of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and many other pathologies.

The problem is steadily growing along with the global trend of increasing life span. Low living standards in some countries also contributes to obesity due to poor nutrition of the guerrillas. The fight against overweight and obesity is one of the main objectives of modern health systems in the world.

Nutritionists together with specialists from other fields offer a fairly rich set of methods and forms of struggle against this evil. Including using various diets. Over the last thirty years a growing interest and not the usual way of controlling excess weight, known as the KETO diet (ketogenic diet). Let's see what this keto diet.

The most acceptable app to combat obesity phenomenon is the restriction of food intake. This should be carried out the major medical criteria for safety and effectiveness.

The best results in this respect gives belkovosvazavatei low-calorie diet with energy value of about 800 kcal per day and protein content of not less than fifty grams. However, some experts see a link between such diet s undesirable and dangerous effects such as hypoglycemia, hyperuricemia, hyperlipidemia, cordierite, cholelithiasis, osteoporosis, etc.

And the greatest concern of experts is the possibility of a state of ketosis.

What is ketosis

Our bodies can obtain energy from three main groups of substances: carbohydrates, protein and fats. From the point of view of energy value, the greatest energy potential we have that fat (8-9,7 Kcal/g — hereinafter refers to the energy value of "pure" substances, i.e. Zn. i.e. no ballast). Carbohydrates and proteins are less rich in energy (about 4 Kcal/g).

Apparently so the nature has disposed so, that our body is in a normal mode of existence uses the energy produced from carbohydrates and fats leaves in reserve for emergency cases.

If you limit the intake of carbohydrates and a certain level the body begins to use fats and proteins for the production of the required energy. As a result of fat metabolism formed the so-called ketone bodies. It's only three chemical compounds — acetoacetic acid (acetoacetate), beta-hydroxybutyric acid (β-hydroxybutyrate, β-hydroxybutyric acid, abbr. BOMC) and acetone.

The formation of ketone bodies, or ketogenesis, the phenomenon is a physiological process, t.. Zn. required part of energy metabolism. In the process of this exchange we get the much-needed energy.

Real energy reserves in the body provided by glycogen, fat and protein structures. Glycogen storage a small, probably because of the biological inappropriateness of storage and make about 500 – 700 grams, which in energy terms amounts to 2 – 3 thousand Calories.

The largest energy potential of the body have proteins simply because a lot of them. Hello to expend proteins for energy production is very inappropriate (is lost is primarily muscle mass).

And finally, fats. Although they are usually smaller than protein (normal ratio 1/2) but their energy capacity much higher than that of proteins. That's just to force the body to use fats for its energy purposes is not very simple, because the fats, in addition to its strategic value are also another physiological load: the synthesis and metabolism of hormones and bioactive substances, heat production, insulation and heat retention, giving the elasticity of soft tissues, fixation organs, and more.

And just keto diet allows you to force the body to enter a state of ketosis, t.. Zn. to start to use fats for energy production.

Ketosis is a condition of the body when he is forced to switch to using fat to fill the energy needs. This is achieved in the mill, a significant limitation of carbohydrate intake.

The advantages of the ketogenic diet

Interest Yes the ketogenic diet is constantly growing. It is the ketosis phenomena is the most effective mechanism of catabolism of adipose tissue. As the popularity of the diet and at the same time the acute problem of obesity is constantly increasing, the European Parliament instructed the Commission on food safety to consider the most popular and scientifically supported diets in Europe.

The team comprehensively reviewed about 15 low calorie diets (ACY) from the point of view of safety of use, indications, absolute and relative contraindications, side effects, complications, etc. Three chapters from the report of the group focused on ketosis — ketosis and protein catabolism when using NAC, ketosis and calcium balance in NDC and ketosis, and hyperuricemia, at the NAC.

In September 2002 an expert report was approved at the meeting of the Commission of the European Parliament. The report stated that despite the existing contraindications, most diets are distributed through retail sale. Four diets used by medical institutions, and only one is applied under medical supervision. To appoint such a diet can only be a doctor.

The first two phases of this diet are ketogenic, therefore, diet should not be accompanied by feeling of hunger, and to be quite effective.

Properly drafted keto diet is not dangerous, except when this diet is completely contraindicated.

So what are the benefits of the ketogenic diet:

  • Fairly quick loss of excess weight;
  • The reduction of blood sugar levels;
  • Improving health;
  • Improving the functioning of the brain;
  • The lack of hunger compared to low-fat diets;
  • The decline in "bad" cholesterol, as it does not seem strange;
  • Lowering blood pressure if it is high;
  • Normalization of insulin levels in diabetes of the 2nd type;
  • Improving the condition of skin with acne, and t.. D.

Among other things ketone whole provide approximately 80% of all brain needs energy and have psihologicheskimi properties of antidepressant effect.

Dangers of ketogenic diet

The main danger of ketogenic diet is to overdo it. Some people are too limiting yourself to eating and trying a quick weight loss. That can't happen. You need to follow your personal settings ("macros"), so as not to upset the balance. Otherwise, there is the possibility that the ketosis will go into a state of ketoacidosis, when ketone bodies in the body too much. This is a very dangerous condition, threatening the disruption of a number of organs and primarily your liver.

Ketosis is a mechanism of self-regulation, when the increase in the number of ketone bodies "slows down" the process of their metabolism. But everything has a limit, so you need to strictly follow the established characteristics of the diet. Keto diet is contraindicated in diabetes of the 1st type (with this type of diabetes ketosis and ketoacidosis can develop on their own).

Also the keto diet is strictly not compatible with alcohol. In addition, you must avoid situations that can lead to dehydration, it is also dangerous.

How to enter ketosis

Keto diet is not one of those diets that you can start and finish when you want. The body needs some time to adapt Yes this diet and enter into a state called ketosis. The process usually takes 2 hell Yes 7 Zen and hell depends on the personal characteristics of the organism, physical activity level and food type. If you want to quickly enter a state of ketosis, you need to expend energy on an empty stomach, and limit the consumption of carbohydrates to 20 grams a day or less. It is necessary to monitor the amount of fluid intake.

For expedited entry into the state of ketosis, you can use the invited fat posts. Fat post may mean consumption 1000 — 1200 kcal per day, with 80 — 90% of doing the hell of fat intake. This can go on very short hours, high Yes 5 Zen (usually 2-3 days), long-term fat fasting can be dangerous for your health!

To control a state of ketosis you can use indicator strips that determine the level of ketone bodies in the urine. Originally this method was proposed for veterinary use, but it works also in the case of human beings. The accuracy of such measurements is small and, as a rule, these tests can only be judged on whether the state of ketosis or not, but not on the step of ketosis. So this indicator can be considered only as an auxiliary. Test strips can be purchased at pharmacies or over the Internet.

How to understand that you are in ketosis

As mentioned above the easiest (but not the cost!) method for measuring the degree of ketosis is to use special strips (like litmus paper that can be used to measure the acidity of liquids). There are also more advanced methods of measuring the concentration of ketone bodies in the body.

Devices that measure the level of ketone bodies in the breath. Of course, they are more expensive than strips, but are much longer and the accuracy of the measurement significantly higher. The most accurate method of measurement (in the home) are devices that measure the level of ketone bodies in the blood. They act in the likeness of home glucometers used by diabetics to measure blood sugar levels. This is a very precise instrument, but, unfortunately, not cheap. If you stick to your personal recommendations is calculated with the help of our calculator KETO, you won't have the urgent need for instrumental measurements. Enough to stick to the diet and assess its condition on a sub subjective feelings.


We talked about periods. Three periods are included in one round. If desired, such circles can be done so 4-6. Then a rest is recommended, t.. K. the app phenomenon is a fast way to lose weight is stressful to the body. Keto diet app not torture your body. On the contrary — this app comfortable to bring our body back to normal.

With all the recommendations, the results will be visible after the first round (not less than 1, 5 kg of the participants of the experiment). The amount of water according to ad weight, maybe crazy ravazza, but may not be less than 1. 5 liters per day of pure water (tea, coffee, etc. drinks count alone!).