"Favorite" diet

rules for losing weight on a favorite diet

Lately, the "Favorite" diet is gaining more and more popularity as it is very effective. Many people who have tried to lose weight with the help of their "favorite" diet really confirm that, if you wish, you can say goodbye to 7-10 kg in a week. However, this is a very strong stress for the body, the "preferred" diet is strict, so if you have any disease, you will have to choose a more faithful nutritional system.

The essence of the "favorite" diet is as follows. It must be followed for a week, and during this week there is not only an increase in weight loss, but also the elimination of toxins and various impurities from the body. After a diet, the stomach contracts in volume and it will be much easier to switch to a healthy diet. The meaning of the diet is that only liquid foods are consumed on the first, third and sixth days. On the second day, only vegetables are allowed, and the amount is not limited. The fourth day - only fruit. The fifth day is dedicated to protein-rich foods, and on the last day, you need to carefully leave the diet. It is prohibited to change the permitted products or reorganize the days. The bonus is that there are no serious restrictions on the use of certain products.

Diet effectiveness, pros and cons

Any diet is a jolt to the body, and it is nowhere near as pleasant as we would like. But you need to go on a diet when you can't fit in your favorite jeans or when an important event is coming, for example, your own wedding or vacation at sea, and the thick folds hang treacherously. Then difficult diets come to the rescue, allowing you to get rid of the hated pounds in no time. "Favorite diet" refers to restricted diets. You need to know that weight is lost mainly due to water and muscle tissue. That is, if after the end of the diet, the food is the same as before, all the pounds lost will return. However, as a starting point to further maintain your ideal weight, "favorite diet" will do. The “favorite” diet contains a psychological moment, as the word “loved” is associated with something pleasant, desirable, positive.

favorite effective diet

The effectiveness of the diet is to strongly reduce calories. The body, which does not receive its usual portion of calories, is confused with its own reserves. By adding a little physical activity, you can help the body to burn not only muscle tissue, but also fat tissue. Feeling hungry makes exercise difficult, which is why you should take additional complex vitamins.

Of the advantages of the diet, I would like to highlight, in the first place, its high efficiency. Yes, it's not totally good for your health, but what if you need to lose the hated pounds urgently? In addition, in the weight loss process, willpower develops, which will later be necessary to further combat excess weight. Having been on the "Favorite" diet for 7 days, you can be proud of yourself and your achievements.

The diet has more disadvantages. There is a colossal burden on the entire body, especially in the gastrointestinal tract, and anemia and metabolic problems can occur.

"Favorite" diet plan

The most important thing to do is say goodbye to all high calorie foods. Ideally, a few days before starting the diet, you should prepare for severe restrictions. Many people, before losing weight, use harmful products in unlimited quantities, but this is absolutely impossible to do. For a few days, farinaceous products should be excluded, as well as fatty, fried and sweet foods.

It is necessary to adhere to the principle of correct and balanced feeding. Let the diet contain more fruits, fresh vegetables, herbs, berries, whole grains and low-fat fermented dairy products. No dumplings, chips, a complete rejection of salty and spicy foods. In drinks, sweet lemonades and juices are prohibited, as they contain too much sugar in their composition.

diet on a favorite diet

Pure, still carbonated water, tea / coffee and low-fat fermented milk drinks are allowed. It is advisable to eat vegetables in the form of salads. Nutritionists advise to lean on cabbage, radish, radish, tomato and cucumber. It is very desirable to exclude potatoes due to the high starch content, the consumption of which does not affect the value in the best way.

When it comes to fruits, not everything can be consumed during the diet. Bananas, persimmons, melons, dates and grapes can also contribute to the appearance of extra inches. But oranges, pineapples, kiwis, apples and pears are allowed in the diet. The best "fat burner" fruits are passion fruit and grapefruit. In addition, these fruits are rich in large amounts of vitamins, so it is advisable to consume them throughout the year.

For protein products, you can use cooked meat (if possible, chicken) and boiled eggs. Cooked fish is allowed, as well as low-fat yogurt and kefir.

Diet rules

As you know, the first few days are the most difficult on any diet. On the first day, you need to try to rest more, move less, give up fitness. The main rule on drinking days is not to take sweet lemonade, soda, juices ready in bags, and not to forget to use broth to support the body and prevent it from spreading. Drinks with fermented milk, homemade vegetable juices and herbal teas are allowed. As soon as the feeling of hunger comes, you should immediately drink drinking water. This will also help to purify the body more deeply.

On vegetable and fruit days, you need to eat more often so you don't have time to feel the brutal onslaught of hunger. Salads can be seasoned with olive oil or unsweetened yogurt, but not with mayonnaise or heavy cream. The calorie content of vegetarian days should be a maximum of 1000 kcal.

On protein day, there is a temptation to attack food and overeat. It is logical that in four days the body is weakened and tired, few calories enter it and protein foods can save the day. You need to try to pull yourself together and eat protein foods in small portions, dividing them into five meals. You should not actively play sports on a protein day, lest you starve. On a protein day, preference should be given to cooked chicken breast, eggs, fish, seafood, vegetables, soy. Here you choose what you like best, and the menu can be varied all day.

Favorite diet menu

Days 1, 3 and 6 of the favorite diet are the drinking days. Most prefer to diet on Monday, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, respectively - days when only liquid foods are allowed.

  1. First day of drinkingin the morning, you need to drink a glass of kefir, after a few hours - tea. For lunch - 200 g of unsalted chicken stock. Afternoon snack - drink yogurt. For dinner - a glass of milk or cooked fermented milk. On drinking days, the emphasis is on drinking pure water or herbal tea. Since it is very difficult to consume liquid food and water, you can add a few tablespoons of bran.
  2. Day 2 - Vegetables.Eat two unsalted tomatoes for breakfast, drizzled with herbal tea. For lunch - a portion of a salad of raw vegetables: cabbage, cucumber, tomato, lots of herbs and a little olive oil. An afternoon snack is some cucumbers. For dinner, again, a large serving of salad with cabbage, peppers, cucumbers and herbs.
  3. On the third day of consumption, have breakfast with a milkshake made from skimmed milk. Lunch - broth, afternoon snack - fat-free kefir. For dinner - a glass of skim milk. You can drink as much water and tea as needed throughout the day.
  4. Day 4 - fruity.Let's have breakfast with two citrus fruits. Lunch with apple, kiwi, orange, pear fruit salad. Afternoon snack - any two fruits, except forbidden ones. Before going to bed - grapefruit or passion fruit.
  5. Day 5 - protein.For breakfast we had two boiled eggs. A few hours later - a few pieces of cooked fish. Lunch - cooked chicken with baked beans. For the afternoon snack, you need to eat a packet of low-fat cottage cheese. You can have dinner with 100 g of lean cheese.
  6. Menu for the sixth day.Breakfast - kefir + green tea. After a few hours, you can have freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Lunch - unsalted chicken broth. Afternoon snack - milkshake or fermented boiled milk, dinner - a glass of milk.
  7. Day 7 - Get off your diet.In the morning for breakfast - two boiled eggs with green tea. For a snack, grapefruit, kiwi or an apple are great. For lunch, prepare a light vegetable soup with the addition of buckwheat. Afternoon snack - pear. For dinner, a salad of fresh vegetables, herbs, seasoned with a little oil. It is allowed to add a little salt.

Abandoning the "favorite" diet

what you can and cannot eat on a diet, beloved

Having endured 7 full days of serious restrictions, each will have its own individual result. The results of the "Favorite" diet will please in any case, because the "Favorite" diet for 7 days is considered highly effective if you follow all the recommendations and do not deviate from the rules. It is not so difficult compared to the fact that the result obtained must be maintained. It depends on what the diet will be after completing the diet, whether it will be possible to maintain the weight gained during weight loss or all the work will be in vain.

After finishing your favorite food diet for several months, you need to forget about flour products, baked goods and baked goods. Sweets must be completely excluded. Having spent a month without bread and sweets, it will be much easier to live without them. If the desire to stay thin is very strong, you can try to stick to the seventh day of your "favorite" diet for at least a week, adding some protein product to your lunch - chicken or cooked fish, for example. The "preferred" diet is considered balanced and healthy, in addition to being varied, so it will not be difficult to maintain it for at least a week. And during that time, the weight will continue to decrease, new correct nutritional stereotypes will form, and it will already be the norm to use healthy and non-nutritive stereotypes. Also, don't forget about physical activity. Whether it's a regular morning workout or a walk, there's no need to torture yourself in the gym.

Comments about the "Favorite" diet

The "favorite" diet has recently gained increasing popularity, there are a lot of reviews about it. Most believe that the Favorite Diet is actually working as promised. It is very difficult to take it, but the weights at the end of the week will show that the work on you and your weaknesses was not done in vain. It is important to understand that the "favorite" diet for 7 days is designed primarily for people with a lot of extra pounds. Many girls with 2-3 extra pounds wonder why at the end of the diet the scale does not show less than 10, as promised. Initially, it is necessary to assess your strength and the existing physical indicators, then, at the end of weight loss, you can draw objective conclusions.