Drinking diet for 7 days - menu and results

A 7-day menu developed by nutritionists helps everyone to lose those extra pounds in the shortest possible time. To lose weight and prevent weight gain, it is important to know some rules of the diet, its characteristics, to make an approximate menu and, most importantly, to be aware that you will receive a minimum of food.

What is a diet to drink

The diet is suitable not only for those who want to see a negative point on the scale, but also for those looking to eliminate toxins and toxins from the body. By cleaning at the cellular level, you will contribute to the fact that all systems in the body will work better, as well as stabilize metabolism. A drink diet is to eat drinking food for a specified number of days. Its duration can last from one day to a month. Observations show that up to 2 kilos of excess weight are lost per day and up to 7 per week, but this hunger strike should only be carried out once a year.

Drinking diet to lose weight

The duration of hunger strikes may vary, but the most effective are those that last for a month. In the first 10 days, the person begins to feel light, as all the hollow organs are cleaned. For another 10 days, the liver and kidneys are renewed, but during this period uncomfortable sensations may occur. In the remaining 10 days of a month-long hunger strike, all cells in the body are eliminated: metabolic processes change because a restart occurs. Only at the end of the drinking diet to lose weight, maximum weight loss is achieved and the skin takes on a uniform color.

How long can you diet to drink

how to lose weight with a drink diet

Distinguish between classic and low-consumption diets. The first type includes those whose duration is 30 days. In a month, you can lose weight perfectly, cleansing the body of pollution in the form of toxins and toxins. However, fasting for more than a month is dangerous for your health, because then all the useful substances available will begin to disappear.

Often women, men and even the youngest generation of young people prefer short diets that only last a week, because during those 7 days, 5 to 7 irritating pounds go away. You can eat a diet and literally a day or two, but that choice will lead to an express cleansing of the body, when toxins are removed from the intestines, rather than a fundamental weight loss.

What you can

Many people ask what you can drink on a diet. The basis of drinking hunger strikes are the fluids that you will consume instead of your normal food.

The allowed liquids that can be consumed in a drink diet include:

  • still water, but you can drink mineral water for a maximum of three days;
  • self-prepared broth: chicken, fish, meat, vegetables. When cooking, you can add carrots, celery or parsley;
  • liquid fat-free soup made from oats (Hercules), chicken and other products;
  • fermented dairy products: kefir, milk, fermented cooked milk with a fat content of up to 2%;
  • plain yogurt, curdled milk;
  • freshly squeezed juices from grapefruit, apple or orange;
  • teas - green, fruit, red, black, but always beer and without sugar;
  • jam, compote of dried or fresh fruit.

Diet rules for drinking

During a seven-day hunger strike, all systems in the body work, saving energy, so the toxic load is reduced and the weight goes away.

In order for your health condition not to suffer and weight loss to be effective, it is important to know the rules of the diet and follow them:

  1. The basis of this weight loss program should be a liquid product - jam, broth, creamy soup or kefir, and you should forget about solid foods for now.
  2. Mono-diet for 7 days implies alternating drinks every day. By consuming different fluids, you can diversify your diet and get the nutrients you need for your body.
  3. It is recommended to refuse kvass, carbonated water, juices in bags and alcoholic beverages.


how to prepare for a drink diet

Evaluations of those who have been fasting for 7 days prove that, before switching to this diet, it is necessary to prepare well, as it will be very difficult for the body to consume only fluids instead of normal food. The preparation for a drinking diet consists of the fact that a week before it is necessary to completely abandon smoked, salted and smoked meats, sauces, mayonnaise, semi-finished products, ketchup.

3 days before switching to the rigid 7-day regime, you should eat only vegetables, fruits, cereals (it is better if it is oat or buckwheat), sugar-free drinks and drink 2 liters of water every day. It is recommended to gradually reduce the portion size to a minimum so that the stomach gets used to not receiving enough food. Prefer unsweetened green tea the day before the transition.


Reviews prove that a weekly drink diet is an effective method to help lose excess fat deposits, the main thing here is to follow all the recommendations. Therefore, the basis of this nutrition is fresh fruit juices, berries and vegetables. You can complement the list with low-fat broth, dairy products and unsweetened teas. In addition, the drink diet menu necessarily includes clean water in an amount of 1. 5 liters or more.

Abandoning the beverage diet

After a week of fasting, it is recommended to gradually add proteins, fats and carbohydrates to the usual diet. Thus, the exit from the diet of drinking for 7 days in time should be doubled, which means that it will be necessary to take at least 14 days off. It is forbidden to eat fatty, spicy or starchy foods immediately, solid foods are only allowed in the morning and it is necessary to leave the menu for dinner. It is advisable to gradually replace a liquid snack with a solid one - this transition should take at least 3-4 days. Then, for dinner, you can eat something from the usual menu.

Drinking chocolate

chocolate - drinking diet to lose weight

This weight loss option will appeal to those who like sweets because it combines a chocolate diet with a drink diet.

So, the chocolate drinking diet includes hot chocolate loved by many, but only without added sugar. You can also include cocoa diluted with skim milk and still water. Watching this hard hunger strike, in 3-7 days you can lose up to 7 extra pounds.

Dietary recipes for drinking

Fluids are the basis of the 7 Day Fast. For this reason, soup is a basic ingredient in recipes for a diet.

Then, for lunch, you can make delicious hot tomatoes:

  1. Take 20 pieces of tomato, cut them, remove the seeds.
  2. Place the halves on a baking sheet, sprinkle with the chopped onions on top, add the crushed garlic, add a little olive oil.
  3. Bake the tomatoes for half an hour, put them in the water and make a broth.
  4. You can put cucumbers in the pan with ready vegetables and grind everything in a blender.

Smoothies are also a popular food during hunger strikes. To prepare a drink, you need to grind a banana into porridge, add 100 ml of apple nectar and 50 ml of carrot juice. After mixing, all the ingredients must be beaten in the food processor or blender and then sprinkle the resulting cocktail with a small amount of cinnamon or vanilla to taste.


According to the evaluations, the main objective of those who decide to go on a hunger strike is, first of all, to lose weight and only then cleanse the body. Before switching to such a strict diet, many are trying to discover the results of a diet.

So water therapy will help:

  • a decrease in the stomach;
  • getting rid of toxins, slag;
  • destruction of the fat layer under the skin;
  • weight loss of up to 2 kg per day, up to 8 kg per week, up to 15 kg per month;
  • cleanse the body after 5 days.

How to maintain a diet

how to follow a drink diet

It is very difficult for many to survive up to 7 days, because this diet is very difficult.

If you want to maintain a diet and lose weight, consider the following guidelines:

  1. Initially, think about why you need to lose weight (buy new jeans or put on old ones) and remember the incentive for all 7 days and days of launch.
  2. Imagine what you will gain when the weight decreases: you can wear beautiful clothes that will look perfect on a slim figure, your health will improve, your well-being improves, because extra pounds are also harmful.
  3. With each achievement in the form of weight reduction, reward yourself, but not with treats, but, for example, with a change in your image, new things.

How to follow a proper diet

You can evaluate the pros and cons of a strict diet for 7 days after trying it out. To achieve the desired result on the scale, but not harm the body, it is important to follow an adequate diet: follow the elaborated menu, use the recommended products, pass correctly and gradually to liquids and then to solids. If you think you will not be able to last all week, start to abandon this diet, but also gradually, as you prepare.