What you need to do to lose 7 kg in a week: diet and exercise

For a healthy weight loss, it is important to know the nuances of the diet to lose 7 kg in a week and not damage your health. The priority remains our reflection in the mirror, and then the numbers on the scale.

A beautiful body doesn't just mean low body fat. First of all, beauty is built by the muscular skeleton, which is responsible for the condition of the body throughout life.

Muscle weighs more than fat. Do not chase the numbers on the scale. The first indicator is a photo in the mirror and measurements.

10 tips for those who want to lose weight very quickly

ways to lose weight at 7 kg a week

An unlimited number of diets can be found in a variety of sources, from banning specific foods to healthy fasting.

There are practically no healthy diets. They are harmful to the body. You don't need to go hungry to lose 7 kg in a week. Focus all your attention on tasty and healthy foods for the body.

10 simple tips for nutritionists:

  1. Focus on your daily calorie deficit. Calorie intake is the basis of weight loss.
  2. Calculate your daily calorie intake using a common formula. Each organism has its own calorie intake. It depends on a person's external parameters (height, weight, age) and activity.
  3. Create a daily calorie deficit. You need to calculate 15-20% percent of the standard. This deficiency is considered healthy. It is important to remember that the bigger it is, the faster you will lose weight.
  4. Eat the right diet and count the calories. The latter can be done easily using programs available on the Internet and kitchen scales.
  5. Eat a variety of foods. Calorie deficiency differs from diets in that you can eat different foods and the body loses weight.
  6. Calculate the BJU proportions correctly. The normal proportion of consumption is considered 25% fat, 45% protein, 30% carbohydrates, taking into account activity, training.
  7. Don't be afraid to get yourself a day off. With numerous prohibitions, long-term deficiency, the body can begin to "strike back", stocking up on any products, thereby reducing the fat burning process. Metabolism will slow down. To avoid this, give the body health-damaging carbohydrates, fats. These techniques are called "deceptive meals" - psychological relief from the body. The basic principle is 1 meal, which does not require calorie counting. The calorie intake of the diet may exceed the norm. In the next few days, the body will be filled with water. Remember that water is not fat. After a few days, everything will return to its place, the body will become more effective in responding to the deficiency. The frequency of intake depends on the percentage of fat: the lower, the more you can pay (once a week or once a month).
  8. Get enough sleep. In order not to harm health, sleep should last at least 7 hours.
  9. Exercise regularly. 3-4 workouts per week are sufficient, alternating cardiovascular and strength exercises. More than an hour of physical activity a day is enough to form a beautiful and vigorous body.
  10. The duration of the deficit should not exceed 3 months. Take a break for a month. Pause - maintain calorie intake and activity.

Why losing weight quickly is harmful

Rapid weight loss is often perceived by many as hunger, filling their heads with created ideals and forgetting their own health. This can result in the need for treatment.

Rapid weight loss is stressful for the body. Weakness, low hemoglobin, deterioration of hair, nails, skin, loss of menstruation - these symptoms cannot be avoided.

The smallest thing that can happen in the end is that all the pounds lost will return faster than you could have lost.

how to lose 7 pounds in a week

You can even type extra numbers on the scale. With prolonged fasting, the body activates the "storage" mode, slowing down the metabolism. Even an eaten apple can affect weight gain.

In the worst case, you will not be able to control rapid weight loss. The body will not be able to suck the useful substances from the food eaten, it will soon give up, which will lead to anorexia.

For high quality weight loss, give preference to protein foods, reduce the amount of fast carbohydrates, replace them with complex carbohydrates and don't be afraid of fats.

What you need to eat to lose weight in a week

For high quality weight loss, give preference to protein foods, reduce the amount of fast carbohydrates, replace them with complex carbohydrates and don't be afraid of fats.

Healthy fats include vegetable oils, small amounts of butter, milk, nuts, seeds, avocados, fish oil, hidden fats (any food that is fried, roasted or boiled with butter).

The main thing is to eat healthy fats in a rational way.

The process of excess weight gain depends directly on fast carbohydrates.

They include all unhealthy foods, as they are quickly absorbed, increase the feeling of hunger, are responsible for the release of insulin and increase blood sugar. Mostly sweet. These are sugar, honey, flour products, sweet drinks, fruits, dairy products.

Give preference to complex carbohydrates:

  • vegetables,
  • cereals,
  • vegetables,
  • seeds,
  • nuts,
  • cereals, grains of grains.

Good for healthy weight loss:

  • oats,
  • pumpkin,
  • chicken fillet,
  • eggs,
  • carrots,
  • cucumbers,
  • tomatoes,
  • green,
  • buckwheat porridge,
  • fat-free cottage cheese.

These foods help you formulate a low calorie diet.

Diet for 7 days: how to make a menu

To lose weight at 7 kg in a short time, you need to limit your diet, exclude harmful carbohydrates: sweets, flour, fast food. It is important to know which foods you can eat at certain times of the day and which you cannot.

For example, sweet apples, pumpkins and beets cannot be eaten at night.

Milk contains lactose, which promotes insulin production, it is not desirable to consume it at night - edema will appear in the morning.

Consult your doctor before starting dietary changes. Make sure you have no allergies or reactions to certain foods that cause bloating.

To avoid interruptions, prepare your menu one hour before breakfast. Thus, you can formulate desires, fit the desired foods in the caloric intake necessary for the whole day.

Many people only need to replace foods related to unhealthy fats or high-calorie foods with low-calorie foods with a useful composition. We replaced sugar with honey. For many who like sweets, this can prevent relapse.

Replace instant cereal and oats with thick, long-cooked oats. The caloric content is much less. White bread should be replaced with whole or crunchy grains. Do not buy bread with sweetener, spices, margarine in the composition.

Mayonnaise should be replaced with yogurt, it tastes inferior, but with additional spices, get used to it quickly. Replace regular dough with whole grains.

Peta Wilson "Week" weekly diet

Peta Wilson's diet is based on fermented dairy drinks (yogurt, kefir, fermented milk), vegetables, animal protein. You should eat like this every two months, maintaining a constant activity, light sports.

Dairy beverages fermented with 1 specific product are consumed for six days in a certain amount - 1. 5 liters on the seventh day - drinking only non-carbonated water.

Requires strict adherence to the diet plan:

  • first day- 5 boiled potatoes;
  • second- 100 g of chicken meat;
  • third- 100 g of meat;
  • quarter- 100 g of low-calorie fish;
  • fifth- without limited amount of vegetables;
  • sixth- no additional products;
  • seventh- standing water.

Additional products are used in the boiled form, except vegetables. Products that are not included in the final diet are prohibited.

Salt, spices and spices cannot be added to food. It is advisable to abandon the diet little by little. High-calorie foods are completely eliminated, even with a regular diet.

How to lose 7 kg in 2 weeks: Low carb diet

The basic principle of the diet is to reduce the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates.

diet for weight loss per week on 7 kg

Includes simple carbohydrates, most containing sugar: honey, jam. It is preferable to eat foods rich in carbohydrates in the morning: cereals, potatoes, fruits.

Protein foods should be the basis of the diet to maintain the right amount of muscle. The diet is called "drying". It is used to drain subcutaneous fat, to enhance the relief of the body.

The basic principle of the diet is to reduce the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates.

The low-carb diet is divided into two types:

  1. Classic- protein products of animal origin (eggs, fish, seafood, meat), unsaturated fats (nuts, flaxseed oil), vegetables (pepper, cucumber, lettuce)They are allowed. As a snack, use protein, animal protein. There must be a protein product in the meal. Flaxseed oil is limited to 1 tbsp. I. in the breakfast. Low-fat cottage cheese is welcome for dinner.
  2. Crazy- Protein foods and some vegetable fats are allowed. The diet should be followed periodically.

The process of forming a diet is like this: in the first two weeks, carbohydrates are consumed in the morning. We reduce the amount of carbohydrates every day.

Smooth change from a classic low-carb diet to a crazy diet lasting 5 to 7 days. Gently returning to the classic low-carb diet.

Eating according to these rules is undesirable for a long time. The main thing is to play sports in an intense way, alternating strength and cardio exercises.

The advantages include: acceleration of metabolism, maximum burning of subcutaneous fat.

Cons: stress for the body, suitable for totally healthy people.

How to lose 7 kg in 3 weeks: a peasant diet

Often used in early spring.

peasant diet for weight loss in one week

Peasant diet stops the development of cellulite through foods low in carbohydrates and fiber

The basic principleis ​​to swallow hunger, to trick the brain with the "satiety" of a stomach full of water. This is how toxins ingested during winter are removed from the body.

Start the day with a glass of water on an empty stomach and before bed. You need to drink 3 liters of water a day. The diet is different from drinking allowed vegetables, protein products.

Cereals are limited to buckwheat or rice, potatoes are prohibited from vegetables. Tea, coffee, homemade juice, other products are prohibited.

Helps to stop the development of cellulite through the use of fiber and low carbohydrate foods.

Duration of the diet - 3 weeks. It is based on a low calorie diet, so the body can suffer from a lack of essential vitamins. Prescribed drugs should be taken as instructed by a doctor.

How to lose 7 kg in 4 weeks: effective gymnastics

Don't forget, adequate food - only 80% of the formation of an ideal body, the remaining 20% ​​are related to sport.

In addition to the calorie deficit, diets, you should dedicate 5 days a week to training.

It is impossible to achieve a slim figure with nutrition alone. In addition to the calorie deficit in diets, you should dedicate 5 days a week to training: three for strength, two for cardio.

The intensive combination of fat burning and muscle gain will lead to results that you will notice in a week.

Without diets and pills

The basic principle of any weight loss is harmony with the body, which means full awareness of the true desires, the body's capabilities, the knowledge of its functioning.

The best diet is intuitive eating, without limits or restrictions. The main thing is to understand what you really want to eat and how much. Food is not reward or pleasure. Food is energy, the body's fuel.

The rules are simple: listen to your body. Don't stuff yourself on a full stomach. Stop eating when you feel 80% satisfied. After a while, you can feel the pleasure of eating.

The same applies to water. With a large water deficit, the body stores it. This leads to swelling. Water cleanses the stomach, helps the intestine to function better, flushes toxins from the body.

Weekly exercise program

The basic principle of physical activity is to divide your workouts into muscle groups: legs and buttocks, shoulders and calves, back and triceps, chest and biceps. You can practice anywhere: at home or at the gym.

Race to lose weight

physical activity for weight loss per week on 7 kg

Cardiovascular exercises are considered the most effective way to burn fat. The load on the heart stimulates the improvement of blood circulation, trains each muscle group.

It also oxygenates the body. Running is the heart of cardio. In addition, running forms the correct posture and develops lung function. But remember, muscle weighs more than fat.

Therefore, long distance running, which is based on time, not speed, will increase the anterior muscle of the upper legs and calves. To avoid huge legs and possible weight gain, take a closer look at interval running.

The main objective of the race is acceleration and endurance. The race is divided into stages: an easy run for five to ten minutes, then the acceleration for a while. Calm pace again, then acceleration. Don't stop running immediately and don't forget to warm up.

First, start accelerating for half a minute, then a calm pace should last for a minute and a half. The intervals are always the same. Repeat the acceleration five to eight times.

Stops should not exceed 3-4 times. Increase the time interval each week to avoid overloading your body. Remember to keep your breathing rhythm.

Everyone has their own pace, but there are two common types:

  1. Take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth, which will extend for 3-4 strides.
  2. Two short breaths through the nose, two short breaths through the mouth, the duration of which will be one step in execution.

Remember to rest. To avoid serious consequences, be sure to give your body a break. For faster weight loss, one day of rest per week is enough.

Slimming rope

One of the most effective cardiovascular exercises is jumping rope. Almost all muscle groups are involved in this exercise.

7 kg of slimming rope per week

In addition, the rope contributes to the formation of the correct posture and strengthening of the back muscles. An hour of jumping rope burns 500 calories.

Shoes play an important role. It should be comfortable to avoid injuries, cramps and pain in the step area afterwards.

To make things easier for you, divide the exercise into sets and number of jumps. To start, 100 jumps from 10 approaches are sufficient. Increase to 300 hops a week.

The effectiveness of this exercise will be noticed in one week. Jumping rope, like other cardiovascular exercises, is a great warm-up before strength training or stretching.

Slimming Hoop

The hoop is a cardiovascular exercise. Repetitive peak loading will strengthen your back muscles.

But the result will be if the abdominal muscles are tense all the time and the duration of the exercise gradually increases.

Start when you feel tired and mild pain. Don't hurt your body. Do not increase the load too quickly. 10-15 minutes a week is enough.

Remember that your stomach must be empty before physical activity. You should start exercising 2 to 3 hours after eating. Remember to breathe. Breathing irregularly during exercise will have negative consequences.


With the help of diets, you need to adjust your body, but not make fun of it.

Make sure they are not personal complexes, but weight loss is really necessary to rid the body of excess weight. Only with health benefits can you achieve ideal shapes.