How you can lose a lot of weight in 1 month

Did you decide to lose weight in a month? Forget diets that promise rapid weight loss. Focus on regular exercise, healthy eating. Consider tips on how to lose weight in a month without harming your health.

How much can you really lose weight in a month?

Many women talk about losing 5, 10 or even 20 kg per month. But if you are serious about losing weight, don't set those goals. How you can lose weight in a month depends on the degree of overweight, the metabolic rate (or slowing down due to previous diets). Optimal weight loss - ½ kg per week.

In any case, the trend towards unilateral diets is a thing of the past, as are the "successes" of the 1990s, such as fat-burning soups, pills, etc. Even a packaged diet can work, as long as it is followed for a lifetime. What is a trend today? Failure to adhere to strict diets, as most of them have temporary effect. Just change your lifestyle.

How to lose weight in a month and how many kg?

The secret of how to lose weight in a month is in 3 numbers: 5, 8, 10. But be careful, think if this rhythm is suitable for you, as doctors recommend losing a maximum weight of 5 kg per month. The faster the weight loss process, the more difficult it is to maintain the weight achieved.

5: eat 5 times more vegetables and fruits

By adding fruits or vegetables to each meal, a person eats less fat and gets more nutrients. Healthy eating provides the body with essential vitamins, fibers, which activates lazy metabolism. Experts point out that antioxidants from fruits and vegetables help the body get rid of harmful substances and contribute to weight loss.

8: Get 8 hours of sleep

Sleep is an important factor in how to lose weight in a month at home. With a lack of rest, the wolf's hunger will haunt you throughout the day. So he tries to fill the missing energy. Create the conditions for quality and lasting sleep. In the morning, you will be in a good mood, the dark circles will not "appear" under your eyes and the fat folds will disappear by themselves.

Sleep is an important factor

10: Move 10 minutes a day

Sometimes people try to lose weight in one month with intense training. From this, a logical conclusion emerges: in the absence of the possibility of sweating for 45 minutes at the gym, it is better to leave training. This is not true. It has been proven that, along with proper nutrition, you can exercise for 10 minutes a day. Regularity is important.

Adequate nutrition - less 10 kg per month

The main aspect of the question of how to effectively lose weight at home in a month is the state of energy deficiency. Therefore, caloric intake should be less than the expenditure. This process is carried out in 2 steps:

  1. Reduce the number of calories in food.
  2. Increased energy expenditure (exercise, other activities).

The first step in starting to lose weight is to reduce unnecessary calories that the body does not need. The way they are delivered to the body is also important. There is no need to eat high-calorie foods, drink high-calorie drinks that do not provide the body with the necessary nutrients.

Also, don't decide how to lose a lot of weight in a month using hunger strikes. This scheme is counterproductive. When losing weight, it is necessary to provide the body with a minimum amount of calories, but at the same time a reasonable and balanced intake of all important nutrients.

How to lose weight correctly: principle

Having decided to lose weight in a month, take the opportunity to learn new habits, save them. If you are eager to abandon your diet, restore your daily food at KFC or McDonalds, remember that the weight will return with interest. Think of losing weight as a new, healthy lifestyle, treat it as a service to your body and yourself.

Before you start losing weight in a month, determine where the error is. Recognize that you are eating too much and exercising too little. Write down all foods and drinks consumed for several consecutive days. This will show you which foods should be excluded. What to do:

  1. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates, especially sweets and side dishes. Replace rice and pasta with a whole grain option, adding vegetables and fruits to the diet.
  2. Increase your intake of healthy proteins and fats.
  3. Add movement - without it, losing weight in a month will be difficult. You don't have to sign up for a gym, just stop being lazy (walk, don't use the elevator).
  4. The biggest secret when deciding how to lose weight quickly in a month is the duration of the measures initiated. Only lasting changes will have a lasting effect.

What are the most common mistakes when changing your lifestyle? Sometimes people try so stubbornly that they don't notice the wrong actions. Remember that your meals should be regular and balanced. Everything can be used in moderation, there are almost no taboos. Be patient, hide the scales for a while. Is it realistic to lose weight in a month with this approach? Yes. But adequate nutrition must be supplemented with sufficient movements.

The tricky thing in the fight against excess weight is the lack of liquids, the excessive consumption of fruits full of sugar. Don't forget that hunger strikes are no less damaging.

But is it possible to lose weight in a month without motivation? No, its absence is a fundamental mistake. Neither family nor friends will help you lose weight. You yourself must decide what you want, learn the discipline, move towards the intended goal.

Motivation to lose weight

How to lose weight in 1 month with adequate nutrition?

Find the ideal daily caloric intake based on your current weight, height, sex and age. Decrease the amount by 500. Try to distribute the results evenly over small meals throughout the day (preferably 4-5 small meals). Avoid snacks outside of this meal.

Drink enough water

Weight gain is a common result of excessive water retention. With an insufficient or irregular intake regime, the body retains more water than necessary. This is a "reserve for the worst moments". This may seem counterintuitive, but if you drink enough water throughout the day, the remaining fluid levels will decrease. Compliance with the drinking regime will help you lose weight by 2 kg per month.

Avoid very sugary drinks - all sweetened drinks, lemonades, fruit juices (especially those made commercially, not fresh homemade fruit). They are just a highly concentrated colored sugar solution, not a suitable weight loss drink.

Monthly menu

It is important not to take too long breaks between meals (maximum of 3 hours) so that the body does not go hungry, saving each calorie later.

Nutrition should be balanced, including:

  • carbohydrates (whole grain bread, pasta);
  • protein (for an inactive person, the recommended dose of protein is 0. 8–1 g per kg of body weight);
  • healthy fats;
  • fruits;
  • vegetables.

This balanced meal will satisfy, without affecting the blood sugar levels that cause the craving for sugar.

Sample menu


  • Option 1: boiled egg, 2 fruits, 10 almonds, 200 ml of low-fat yogurt.
  • Option 2: a plate of muesli, 1 tbsp. skimmed milk, 1 tbsp. chopped fruits.


  • Option 1: Brown bread with chicken breast (tuna), 1 tbsp. vegetables, 1 tbsp. chopped celery (carrots), fruit.
  • Option 2: Mix 2/3 tablespoons. natural cooked rice, 1/2 tbsp. peas, 2 tablespoons. I. chopped pepper, 1 tbsp. I. grated parmesan, 2 teaspoons. lemon juice, 1 tsp. olive oil + add a small portion of fruit.
  • Option 3: 100 g chicken breast, 2 tbsp. I. sauce (mix tomatoes, garlic, oregano, basil, olive oil, salt, pepper, cook over low heat), 1 tbsp. I. grated parmesan, 1/2 tbsp. cooked pasta, 1 tbsp. I. olive oil, 1 tbsp. steamed broccoli with lemon zest.


  • Option 1: 100 g of fish (chicken), 1/4 tbsp. beans, 3/4 tablespoon. tomatoes, 1 tbsp. I. skimmed yogurt to put on.
  • Option 2: 1st. chopped pepper, 50 g of boiled potatoes, 1/4 tbsp. onion, 1 tbsp. I. olive oil, 50 g of tuna, 3/4 tablespoon. beans, 1 tbsp. I. olives, lemon juice, spices to taste.

How to lose weight in one month: 3 diets and 2 training plans

Often women, when deciding whether it is possible to lose weight in a month, choose a particular diet that is followed during the month. But think about what you're going to do "later". Are you planning on following an extreme diet for several weeks while thinking about how to eat potato chips again? Do you want to go back to your old diet? So keep in mind that losing weight was useless. The pounds will be back. It is much better not to set a deadline to find your healthy lifestyle - not for a month, but forever.

Atkins diet

This is an American weight loss success with many celebrity fans. The principle behind this diet plan is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates (according to a well-defined procedure) while increasing your protein intake.

Ducan's diet

Another popular diet for celebrities (they say that even Duchess Kate's mother followed her before the wedding). The diet is divided into 4 phases - at first only proteins are allowed, gradually other foods are included to avoid the yo-yo effect.

Gillian Michaels fitness programs

How to lose weight in a month without dieting? With the help of Jillian Michaels' training plans. This is a famous coach. She helped many celebrities to improve their figure, you can follow their example. Popular fitness programs include the "30 Day Shred" ("Body Revolution") workout, which is a 30-day plan.

Kayla Itsines exercises

Another famous trainer, Australian Kayla Itsines, will prepare your body for a bikini. Exercise according to the Bikini Body Guide, which can be adapted to your current physical condition.


Fat burning training: 10 kg less per month

If you want to lose 10 kg in 4 weeks, changes in diet are not enough. We need to start training.

The most suitable physical activity for weight loss, in which aerobic combustion occurs. Therefore, strength training at the gym is not the best option (although you can also lose weight by training with dumbbells). The ideal heart rate for aerobic combustion is approximately 85% from 220 years less. With this value, more efficient fat burning occurs. As soon as you experience "shortness of breath" during exercise, slow down (during anaerobic burning, the body does not process adipose tissue).

Less intense, but longer sessions are recommended for weight loss. Fast walking, jogging at a moderate pace, cycling, Nordic walking and swimming are ideal. If you prefer to exercise in the gym, choose the cross trainer, in the group programs choose H. E. A. T.

It is recommended to train at least 30 minutes every day (but this is the absolute minimum, the ideal duration of training for rapid weight loss is 45-60 minutes).

But the physical activity doesn't end there. You can also burn some extra calories during other activities. When working at your desk, try to walk a few minutes every day. Metabolism has been shown to decrease during the prolonged session. By getting up at least once an hour, taking a few steps, you will maintain your metabolic rate, which is important for weight loss.

Pay attention to other things too: stop using the elevator, go up the stairs. Do not travel for work, for public transport classes, car, walking. If you need to travel by bus, don't sit down, stand up. In this way, the body burns 20% more energy.

How much can you lose without playing sports and following a proper diet in a month?

It is not necessary to limit your diet (assuming you are consuming relatively “normal” portions). But it is important to avoid the most harmful / dangerous foods (or food ingredients). Many canned and semi-finished products contain a lot of salt, sugar and various chemical additives. When losing weight (as in the other period), it is better to give preference to fresh food, dishes prepared with fresh products.

A healthy and balanced diet is based on:

  • legumes;
  • vegetables;
  • whole grains (bread, pasta, etc. );
  • poultry, lean meat;
  • fish;
  • eggs;
  • tofu;
  • nuts, seeds.

But the absence of sports does not mean complete physical passivity. Add extra movement to your daily routine. This is not radical training. For example, taking a few thousand steps a day is one of the most effective methods for losing weight.

Other non-sport activities to lose weight include cycling. When pedaling, the muscle groups of the legs, thighs and buttocks are involved. In addition, cycling is less challenging than running, lifting weights at the gym.