Lose weight wisely

Rigid diets are not the best helpers in the fight against obesity: for several weeks of starving life on a monotonous menu, the hated pounds will no doubt leave, but only to return after restrictions are lifted. In addition, the metabolism that has slowed down due to stress is not easy to speed up again, the body activates a protective reaction and stops losing weight. If you want to lose weight while maintaining your health, you cannot do without a well-composed diet. How to eat right to lose weight? A nutritionist's daily menu includes all the necessary substances and vitamins.

So the menu, competently prepared by a nutritionist for each day, will help you lose weight, in addition to staying thin for many years, preventing the development of many diseases associated with being overweight. The main provisions of the healthy nutrition menu must be learned by heart:

  • To speed up metabolism,the menu determines to eatat least 5 timesa day in small portions. Fractional nutrition allows the body to fully assimilate the nutrients received, spend its energy on vital processes and not feel hungry. Nutritionists warn: the absence of food for more than 4 hours is unconsciously perceived as stress, a sign to accumulate fat, so do not reduce the menu to a minimum, skipping meals;
  • Half of the dishes on the menu are fresh fruit and vegetable salads.The daily intake of complex carbohydrates is mandatory, because cereals cleanse the body, normalize the digestive system. Fish and meat will become a source of protein and dairy products will provide calcium and support microflora. Don't forget the nuts, a handful a day is enough. As you can see, the daily menu is varied;
  • The right way to cook is essential. Avoid fried foods in favor of steamed or roasted aluminum foods. Let the menu be as light as possible -salads without mayonnaise, a minimum of salt and oil.Dinner should not be after 8 pm, and the evening meal has the lowest calorie of all;
  • Drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day,starting with two glasses in the morning on an empty stomach. Water is necessary for the breakdown of fats, the removal of harmful substances from the body. Tea, coffee, jams, juices diversify the menu, but they are liquid, they do not replace water;
  • Make sure to count the calories when making a menu for every day.At first, this activity will seem boring and inconvenient to you, but soon you will remember the calorie content of the foods you eat frequently and automatically control your portions. On average, to maintain the current weight, a woman needs to make a menu of 2, 000 kcal per day, andto lose weight, it is necessary to reduce the diet to around 1200-1500 kcal.

In the early days, the menu restrictions may seem quite severe, but only in the context of previous food freedom. Proper nutrition quickly becomes a habit, and a leaner silhouette will become an additional motivation.

Menu products allowed and prohibited

Permitted and prohibited foods

It will be much easier to create a healthy nutrition menu for every day, with a list of healthy and undesirable ingredients before your eyes. Therefore, the green light in the daily diet is on for the following foods:

  • Diet meat, lean poultry- veal, rabbit, turkey, chicken;
  • Shrimp, mussels, squid, all kinds of fish(of course, salmon or halibut should be included in the menu infrequently)
  • Chicken eggs,steamed or steamed omelet;
  • Absolutely everythingneither starchy vegetables, nor very sweet fruits;
  • Dark rice;
  • Tofu cheese;
  • Milk, fermented dairy productswith a maximum fat content of 2%. Sweet yogurts, even low-calorie ones, are excluded from the menu;
  • Bread,made from wholemeal flour and bran with the addition of whole grains;
  • Vegetables- peas, beans, lentils.

With proper preparation and small portions, all the items on the list should become the basis of the everyday menu. In a separate group, nutritionists remove productsallowed conditionally, that is, rarely, once a week:

  • Vegetables with a high starch content- potatoes, beets, corn. They are added to the menu just boiled;
  • Sweet and healthy fruits- bananas, grapes, persimmons;
  • Honey, dark chocolatecan be used as a dessert;
  • Cream, sour cream, butter(10 g) enrich the menu, but here it is important not to get carried away;
  • Occasionally, in the morningtreat yourself to a slice ofhard cheese, a glass of natural juice.

Do not completely exclude these products, leave the menu varied. The alternation of hypocaloric and hypocaloric meals creates the so-called metabolic oscillation, stimulating the burning of fats.

Finally, let's look at the list ofcategorical food taboos in the new menu:

  • Any smoked meats and pork.Very satisfactory, they contain heavy fats that are not absorbed, but are accommodated at the waist;
  • Bread and rollsmade from wheat flour;
  • Mayonnaise, all store saucesshould leave the daily menu forever;
  • Milk chocolate, packaged juices.They are useless and the sugar content is frightening;
  • Sweets, salt, sugar, soft drinks.By rejecting only them, you can visibly lose weight in a month;
  • Alcohol.It will cancel all efforts, due to the high caloric content and the negative effects on the body.

The number of correct menu bans was not that great. The only difficulty is that all the products on the last list are addictive, it is difficult to refuse them. But you have nothing to do, losing weight and being healthy is much more important than eating a salad with mayonnaise, right?

Food rotation throughout the day

Alternating products

One week is enough to fall in love with light and healthy food forever. The main thing is to observe the principle of alternation on the menu, otherwise the boring oats will be bored on the third day, the longing for chops will reappear. We will have to adjust the daily routine to accommodate five meals from the updated menu:

Time Featured product list
Breakfast 7: 30 am Complex fibers and carbohydrateswill provide energy for a long day. It can be any porridge boiled in water and a cup of tea with lemon;
10: 00 Lunch. Light protein foodis ​​the basis of the menu, it will support all vital processes at the maximum level - a lean piece of chicken with steamed vegetables, cottage cheese. If desired, it is allowed to replace the protein with fruit or cookies;
13: 00 lunch A hearty and hearty meal that should include the first and second courses. The correct soup is low in fat, with a minimum amount of potatoes and, preferably, none. The garnish is cooked without salt, accompanied by a vegetable salad;
16: 00 afternoon snack Snack time: If you didn't eat candy for lunch, indulge yourself. Or replace dessert with low-fat yogurt on days when you're a little relaxed in the morning;
19: 00 dinner Carbohydrates eaten during this period are no longer absorbed before bedtime, so give preference to protein.

If you really want to eat at night, you can have a glass of kefir or low-fat yogurt, this menu is not prohibited. There is no point in eating kefir with crackers: having decided to eat just one, it is very difficult to refrain from supplementing and then the process is in danger of becoming uncontrollable.

The so-called"night zhor" is enemy number one,is ​​very difficult to lose weight. And don't forget to drink clean water, she is now your best friend.

Weekly Nutritionist Menu

Menu of the week

To facilitate the creation of a daily menu, an example developed according to the guidance of a nutritionist and helping with weight loss follows. Take it as a reference and gradually complete it with light and healthy meals.


  • Oatmeal with a spoon of jam, unsweetened tea;
  • Banana puree for baby 200g;
  • Soup with mushrooms, chicken fillet + coleslaw with tomato and radish;
  • Low-fat cottage cheese package, orange;
  • Curdled milk.


  • Steamed buckwheat with boiling water at night + steamed vegetables, dried fruit compote;
  • 2 green apples;
  • Cold borscht, steamed veal + fresh sliced ​​vegetables;
  • 3Big cod steak roasted in aluminum foil, grapefruit;
  • ZKefir 1. 5%.


  • Rice + vegetable stew;
  • Dessert of 50g of nuts with a spoon of honey;
  • Sour cabbage soup, boiled turkey + 3 roasted potatoes + fresh cucumber;
  • Two boiled eggs + cheese sandwich;
  • A large glass of plain yogurt.


  • Durum wheat spaghetti mixed with 100 g of fat-free cottage cheese;
  • Banana + round of dark chocolate;
  • Beef broth with croutons, steamed steak + cooked cabbage;
  • 200 g of seafood cocktail;
  • A mug of milk baked with honey.


  • Lentils with cooked fish;
  • Two peaches or a banana;
  • Ukha, a large bowl of vegetable salad seasoned with sour cream;
  • Grilled chicken fillet, fresh cucumber salad and tomato;
  • Omelet with 2 eggs, sprinkled with herbs, a glass of kefir.


  • Boiled potatoes + grated carrots with garlic;
  • Three small kiwis;
  • Milk soup, rabbit, cooked in a multicooker with green beans
  • A packet of cottage cheese + a spoonful of fruit jam;
  • Curdled milk.


  • Cauliflower cooked in a pan with onion;
  • Fruit salad with yogurt dressing;
  • Vegetable soup, cooked veal + beans with tomato sauce;
  • 150 g of lean cheese;
  • Half a liter of kefir.

When counting on weight loss, you should not rely only on a menu of adequate nutrition: nutritionists advise to dedicate at least a few hours a day to moderate physical activity - medium pace walking, cycling, swimming and exercise at the gym.