A simple and quick diet for the lazy ... and unwilling: how it works, a menu for every day, reviews

The "problem" with all weight loss programs is willpower. You need to overcome laziness, compose yourself and strictly follow the recommendations. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. A busy work schedule, the habit of certain foods, financial difficulties, lack of time to practice sports prevent the implementation of a rigid schedule in life. In these cases, "for the lazy" programs come to the rescue of all tastes.

Types and essence

The meaning of the diet "for the lazy" is in the preparation of a comfortable individual menu for every day, which allows you to eat your favorite dishes without feeling hungry. The menu must be varied, balanced and not limited in flavors.

There are several types of diet for lazy people:

  • water;
  • Mediterranean
  • summer;
  • vinegar
  • ;
  • protein.


Water for a water diet

The simplest "for the lazy" diet is definitely water. With the help of water, you can "cheat" your stomach.If you drink a glass or two before meals (about 20 minutes), the feeling of hunger will be less pronounced.As a result, satiety will come faster than a large plate of food is empty. The “side effects” of weight loss with water are good health, vigor, regenerated epithelium and healthy hair.

It is necessary to consume raw (filtered) water at room temperature. Drink the prescribed dose in small sips with small breaks. It is best not to add anything to the water, because particles in solution are "considered" by the body as food. Coffee, tea and other drinks are not part of the daily needs.

The standard duration of a simple lazy water diet is two weeks.For best results, you can extend the program by three weeks. You can repeat it once a year, every summer, when you are very thirsty.

With a weight of 50 kg and a peaceful lifestyle (no sports), just drink 1. 5 liters of water a day. If the weight exceeds 80 kg, the daily fee is 2. 5-5 liters. Too much water is harmful. Edema and frequent urination appear.


You can eat what you want, strictly following the diet. Small snacks include kefir, cottage cheese or fruit. Before the main or intermediate meal, you should drink a glass or two of water. After eating, you must abstain from any liquid for two hours.

An approximate daily ration is shown in the table.

Time Meal Menu
07: 20 Drink
  • two glasses of water.
08: 00 Breakfast
  • oatmeal (100 g);
10: 00 Drink
  • a glass of water.
10: 20 Snack
  • coffee;
  • apple.
12: 40 pm Drink
  • two glasses of water.
13: 00 Lunch
    lean soup
  • (200 ml);
  • Chicken fillet with buckwheat (150 g).
15: 00 Drinking
  • a glass of water.
15: 20 Snack
  • cottage cheese (100 g);
  • kiwi.
17: 40 Drink
  • two glasses of water.
18: 00 Dinner
  • green vegetable salad (150 g);
  • steamed fish (100 g).
20: 00 Drink
  • a glass of water.

There are no restrictions or prohibitions, but it is better to exclude confectionery and bakery products, sweets, savory, smoked and fatty foods from the diet. Getting ready to sleep, you can drink kefir.

Resource!Water removes minerals. The lack of elements leads to metabolic disorders. Therefore, it is recommended to supplement the diet with mineral and vitamin complexes.


The diet is not for everyone.It is recommended to cancel the program in the following cases:

  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • kidney disease
  • ;
  • liver dysfunction;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period.
Fish on the Mediterranean diet menu


The name itself indicates the presence of fish, fresh vegetables, olives, cereals on the menu. The main drink is ginger tea or rosehip. You can eat almost anything, but it is important to respect the proportions. It is recommended to exclude red meat from the diet or consume it at most once a week.

This is an effective but long-lasting diet for lazy people.Lasts 7 to 14 days, when compiling the menu, you must follow the following principles:

  • are prepared daily as an accompaniment;
  • vegetables should be eaten up to six times daily;
  • the fruit should be three servings a day;
  • dairy products are consumed twice a day;
  • the fish is cooked five to six times a week;
  • poultry meat in the diet is consumed four times a week;
  • you can have a snack with dried fruits and olives once a day;
  • potatoes are eaten three times a week.

Resource!Chocolate and other sweets, as well as eggs, are not prohibited. However, its consumption should be reduced to three times a week (an egg, a piece of chocolate).


The lazy Mediterranean diet menu is easy to customize. The main rule is that the food should be varied, not just fish or vegetables. It is recommended to refuse butter and salt. A small amount of olive oil is used as a condiment.

An example menu is shown in the table.

Meal Menu options
  • oats with milk, fruit juice;
  • fruit salad with kefir or yogurt;
  • curd casserole, juice;
  • omelet
  • , any fruit;
  • toast with cheese and tomato, boiled egg.
  • kefir or yogurt without additives;
  • banana;
  • oatmeal cookies, tea;
  • coffee with a piece of dark chocolate;
  • curd
  • .
  • , tuna;
  • risotto with vegetables, apple;
  • rice, vegetable stew, cheese;
  • pasta with fish or squid and tomatoes;
  • lean soup, vegetable and cheese salad, juice.
  • nuts;
  • cheese and tomato sandwich;
  • grapefruit;
  • nuts;
  • slice of cheese, apple.
  • green vegetable salad and curd;
  • vegetable salad with chicken;
  • fish baked or steamed, salad
  • chicken fillet, arugula salad;
  • baked eggplant with cheese and tomato.

Important!Meat and fish are consumed 100 g at a time. The remainder of the products should not exceed 200 g.


This is an easy diet for the lazy and suitable for everyone, because it has no restrictions and does not focus on one product. Following the principles, it is possible to create an individual menu taking into account allergies, food intolerances and chronic diseases.

Vegetables are the summer diet


Vegetables and fruits form the basis of the diet, so it is best to lose weight using this method in the summer. From "heavy" food, fish, seafood, mushrooms are acceptable. To help the intestines, you need to drink kefir.

This fast and lazy diet lasts only five days.If you wish, you can extend it to ten. You can lose 2, 5 to 5 kg. The general condition of the body is improved due to the abundance of vitamins and minerals.

Resource!The diet does not imply physical activity, so it is necessary for athletes to adjust to the diet. You are allowed to eat rice, fish, chocolate, eggs.


Daily portions should include 2 kg of vegetables and fruits. Products can be eaten fresh, cooked, boiled. Soups and casseroles are allowed.The menu options are shown in the table.

Meal Menu options
  • toast, unsweetened tea;
  • nuts, tea;
  • Fresh vegetable salad.
  • fat-free cottage cheese;
  • kefir, banana;
  • nuts, kiwi.
  • vegetable soup, steamed fish;
  • lean soup, eggplant cooked with mushrooms;
  • potato casserole with tomato.
  • steamed vegetables, toast;
  • fish baked in foil;
  • Vegetable salad with squid.

Resource!The diet is suitable as a fast day.


The program is contraindicated for people with stomach, digestion and kidney problems. If the diet does not satisfy your hunger, cause dizziness, nausea, you should gently leave the nutrition system.

Honey is a catalyst for metabolic processes


Honey in reasonable quantities is beneficial for the body and is an excellent substitute for store sweets. The product "works" as an antiseptic, a skin moisturizer, a catalyst for metabolic processes.

A tablespoon of honey is eaten before eating. You can also drink a honey drink in the evening (2 hours before bed). Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey to a glass of warm water or infusion of chamomile.

There are three types of honey diet for weight loss "for the lazy" - for three, six and 14 days.This time is enough to lose 1, 5-6 kg, depending on the duration and the initial data. You can repeat the program in two months.

Resource!It is necessary to exclude starchy foods from the diet that reduce the "fat burning" effect of honey three times.


The diet consists of vegetables and fruits. You can prepare salads of peppers, tomatoes, apples or boiled cabbage, beets, carrots. The presence of fermented dairy products with low fat content is mandatory. It is recommended to drink "zero" kefir three times a day, 200 ml.An example of a simple daily weight loss menu for this "lazy" diet is shown in the table.

Meal Menu options
  • salad or slices of apples and oranges, boiled egg, a slice of brown bread;
  • cereal flakes with milk, juice;
  • oats, juice;
  • low-fat cottage cheese, tea.
  • vegetable stew, tuna, juice;
  • vegetable puree soup, steamed fish, grapefruit;
  • dietary steamed meat, coleslaw, juice;
  • cauliflower, steamed carrots, berries, tea.
  • baked apple with honey;
  • cottage cheese (200 g);
  • nuts (100 g).
  • , roasted fish;
  • cooked vegetables, fruit juice;
  • celery salad, a piece of cheese, juice;
  • Chicken fillet, vegetable salad, tea.


The main contraindications are gallbladder diseases and product allergies. People without these deviations can try this diet "for the lazy", as a way to lose weight quickly without fear of worsening health.

Vinegar speeds up metabolism and weakens hunger


The lazy vinegar diet speeds up metabolism and decreases hunger. In addition, the vinegar solution effectively combats fungi, acne, normalizes blood pressure and activates defense mechanisms.

In order not to harm your health and obtain all the beneficial properties of vinegar, you should use a natural solution of apple cider. Apple flavored vinegar will not work for this.

According to doctors, the maximum duration of this "lazy" diet should not exceed 10 days, the minimum is three days.It is necessary to drink 200 ml of water with two teaspoons of a 9% vinegar solution half an hour before meals.

Resource!After drinking water with vinegar, rinse your mouth. The acid has a destructive effect on tooth enamel.


As with the water diet, you can eat whatever you want in moderation and without abusing sweets or fatty foods. The table shows an example of an express diet menu.You can lose weight up to 3 kg.

Days Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • oats in water (200 g);
  • apple or pear.
  • Lean steamed meat (150 g);
  • Vegetable stew (150 g).
    Vegetable salad
  • (250 g).
  • rice porridge (200 g);
  • berries or nuts.
  • baked fish (150 g);
  • Vegetable salad
  • (200 g).
  • chicken or turkey fillet (150 g);
  • a glass of milk.
  • apple.
  • some apples.
  • baked apple with a spoon of honey.

Resource!Snacks are not made with this diet. The third day is "unloading". You should gradually abandon your diet without overeating.


The main contraindications to the diet are the following diseases:

  • gastritis;
  • ulcer
  • ;
  • cystitis;
  • hypotension;
  • colitis;
  • kidney disease
  • ;
  • diabetes.

Resource!Vinegar increases the acidity of the stomach, so even healthy people should not abuse the solution.

The basis of the diet of a protein diet is dietary meat


This is not a diet for the lazy. It is usually used by athletes, but it is also suitable for all those who just don't like to go hungry, are always on the move and don't like sweets. The basis of the diet is meat, beans, fish, cheese, seafood, cereals.

It is not recommended to maintain a protein diet for a long time. Proteins stress the kidneys. In addition, the lack of fiber and carbohydrates will cause the digestive system and metabolism to malfunction. The intake of additional vitamins and minerals is recommended. The ideal diet time is 14 days. During this time, you can easily lose 5 kg of weight.

Resource!Diet drinks allowed - unsweetened tea or coffee, herbal tinctures, vegetable juices. You need to drink up to two liters of water a day.


Despite the abundant diet, it still includes some restrictions. You do not need to consume more than 1200 kcal per day. This means that starchy vegetables, flour products, sweets, smoked and fatty foods should be excluded.A detailed daily menu of this "for lazy" diet is provided in the table.

Meal Menu options
  • low-fat cottage cheese with honey;
  • boiled eggs;
  • omelet
  • ;
  • nuts, kefir;
  • chicken breast with a slice of whole grain bread;
  • feta cheese.
  • cooked vegetables, tofu;
  • veal steak, green vegetable salad;
  • roasted seafood, salad;
  • lentil soup;
  • Steamed fish fillet, vegetable salad;
  • omelet, cheese;
  • Steamed chicken fillet, salad.
  • apple, green salad;
  • nuts, plain yogurt;
  • chicken fillet, vegetable salad;
  • falafel, vegetable salad;
  • boiled eggs, juice;
  • fruit salad.

Important!Just being on the menu is not enough. Physical activity is necessary. You can do exercise, swimming, running.


The protein diet must be approached wisely, because it is not balanced. There are contraindications:

  • old age;
  • liver disease;
  • kidney disease;
  • disturbance of the digestive tract;
  • dysbiosis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • drop.
The girl studies the assessments of those who lost weight with a lazy diet


Evaluations of “lazy” diets are mostly positive due to the simple process and the good results.

“The Mediterranean diet is very nutritious, without hunger. In two weeks, I managed to lose five pounds. It seems a little, but considering that you don't need to play sports and can eat delicious food, it's very good. ”

“The summer diet proved to be effective for me. I don't really like meat, so I was able to live calmly without it for two weeks. It is hot in the summer, so whether you like it or not, you have to drink a lot and eat little, there is absolutely no appetite. The results were pleasant - less 3 kilos in five days. "

“I've been on a honey diet most of the summer. In three months, a one-liter jar of honey ran out. I took breaks and relaxation, but with the fall started to weigh 10 kg less. To be honest, I don't know what worked - honey or moderate food (I didn't make any prohibitions). ”


Even for the laziest and weakest, there are diets that do not require long hours of gymnastics, counting calories and fit into the usual dynamic life. With proper adherence to any diet, there is no feeling of hunger. For the program to be effective, it is necessary to drink a lot and monitor the amount of food consumed.