Belly Slimming Exercises

exercise to lose belly weight

With the arrival of spring, a good number of people begin to criticize their image in the mirror. At the same time, many feel that their forms are far from ideal and something needs to be done about it. In winter, warm clothing made it possible to hide the excess of protuberances on the body and now spring is rapidly reducing the number of outer shells. Getting out becomes somewhat problematic, as the body causes certain complexes.

At the same time, most people who want to lose a few pounds start applying a variety of diets, going to gyms for exercise or working hard at home. So, if you decide to take care of yourself and, in particular, your body shape, the following set of sports exercises will be an excellent assistant for you.

Exercises to slim the abdomen and sides

Sports exercises that aim to lose weight on the abdomen and on the sides are the most relevant part of the entire weight loss process. It should be kept in mind that for women and men there is a different set of exercises, since the physiology of the two sexes is very different. In addition to the standard weight loss methods, the use of breathing exercises, which are very effective to lose weight quickly in the abdomen, is a good help for the cause. The combined use of physical activity and breathing exercises will allow you to achieve a quick and sustainable weight loss effect.

Exercises for women

With the help of some diets, it is somewhat problematic to remove extra inches in the abdomen. Therefore, only systematic training, which includes the most effective exercises, will help you progress on this difficult issue.

Squats are the path to success

Squats are generally not very popular and are avoided because they are not considered important for abdominal training. This conclusion is somewhat incorrect, as squats are what allow women to train a part of the body as the lower abdomen. Therefore, this exercise must be present in your classes.

Twisting the body

To train the rectus abdominis muscles, a body twisting exercise is considered a good option. To do this, you must sit on the floor. At the same time, the legs are bent and the arms behind the head. As you inhale, you should lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor towards the ceiling. Having reached the maximum elevation point, you must freeze for a brief period and then return to the starting point. Exercise is required nine to twelve times.

Virtual numbers

Before starting the exercise, sit on the floor and put your arms behind your back. In this case, the legs must be extended forward. The essence of the exercise comes down to the fact that you need to lift your legs and try to use them to draw numbers from zero to nine in the air. Breathing should not go astray, so try to breathe evenly. This exercise involves three approaches, which should be separated by half-minute breaks.

Soft touch

In the lying position, with your arms extended along your body and your legs straight, raise your legs a few centimeters. So, you should do a few light kicks with each other and slowly take the starting position. The exercise provides for up to nine repetitions.

By bicycle

Exercise has been known since school and is essentially like riding a bicycle. On your stomach, lifting your legs at an angle, it is necessary to make movements that mimic the rotation of the pedals of a bicycle. The duration of the exercise is one minute. Three times is the required number of repetitions.

Pillow and circles

The exercise involves using a pillow that should be placed between your feet. In that case, you are lying on the floor with your hands raised. The exercise is based on the fact that holding the pillow with your feet, you make circular movements. First, draw small circles in the air and then proceed to draw large circles. Finally, go back and draw small circles again. The exercise is considered complete if you can draw at least twenty circles.


Starting position - you are lying on the floor, with your arms behind your head and your legs bent. Breathing, it is necessary to pull the pelvis off the floor and raise it to the position where a straight line with the knees is achieved. It is necessary to remain at the maximum point for a few seconds and at the same time the body tension must be maximum. You are the flame of a candle, so keep it burning. Upon expiration, you must return to the starting point. It is repeated at least three times.

Difficult, but necessary

Take an initial position in which you lie on the floor with your legs raised perpendicular to the floor and your arms along your body length. With your legs crossed, you should try to raise your pelvis at least a little. At that moment, breathing is suspended. The resulting tension is maintained for some time, after which the starting position is assumed. As you do this, remember that ascension is inhalation and descent is exhalation. Since exercise is difficult enough, 3-5 repetitions will be sufficient.

Hula-hoop - the solution to all problems

Hula-hoop is the perfect solution for any woman. The use of a bow allows not only to fix the stomach, but also significantly improve coordination, develop flexibility. In addition, the hula hoop helps to get rid of unpleasant moments such as sagging skin. Therefore, you should not neglect this sports tool, and if it is not in stock, go to the store and buy urgently.

Impossible to reach

We assume a standard position, that is, lying down. Hands are placed along the body. The progress of the exercise is conditioned by the fact that you need to move from lying to sitting and leaning forward. In this case, the fingers should reach the toes. Do not bend your legs in any way. At inhalation, there is an ascent and at exhalation, a descent. It is repeated at least eight times.

Look to the left and then to the right

Lying on the floor, bend your legs and move your arms behind your head. The left foot must be moved behind the right. Performing the exercise means that the body will not rise easily and twist slightly to the left. In this position, you freeze for a short time and then come back. A similar sequence of actions is performed for the other side. The exercise is repeated five to seven times.

Exercise for men

If you have grown up, for example, a beer belly, then simply giving up on beer will not help you acquire a flat, raised silhouette in the belly region. As a man, there is no escape from sports, so it is necessary to perform some physical exercises that will help you get in shape.

Exercise 1

You are lying on the floor with your arms by your sides. Then, force and lift your legs and body at the same time. When performing this action, the legs must be flexed at the knees and the palms of the hands must be moved to the knee area. It is repeated five times and then there is a pause of about half a minute and all movements are repeated again. The total number of repetitions must be at least three times.

Exercise 2

This exercise is analogous to the first. The only exception is that you should reach with your palms, not your knees, but your shins. The number of repetitions is identical, that is, three times with pauses of thirty seconds.

Exercise 3

The third exercise seems a little more difficult, as you need to reach with the palms of your hands to the soles of your feet and your head to your knees. The number of approaches has not changed and the rest time is still the same thirty seconds. After completing this exercise, you can allow yourself a short rest (1 minute).

Exercise 4

You are in a supine position, with your arms behind your head. Do not bend your legs, but keep them straight. You need to lift your legs and body at the same time, at a distance of about twenty centimeters. In this case, the body of the body must be turned to the side. Making a movement, you first turn in one direction and, repeating the movement, turn in the other direction. These movements must be repeated five times. This is followed by a half-minute rest. When you complete the fourth exercise in both directions, you can rest for a minute.

Exercise 5

The position of the body is the same as the previous exercise. You should also lift your legs and torso. It must be kept in mind that now, when lifting the legs, they must be flexed, and the body of the body must rotate so that your right elbow touches the left knee and vice versa. If stretching interferes with the full range of motion, try to stretch only toward the knee as much as possible. The interval between sets provides a time interval of thirty seconds.

Exercise 6

Finally, the series of these exercises should end with pumping the press and an exercise like a bicycle. In this exercise, the bicycle predicts that you will perform it with your hands behind your head. These exercises are planned for as many repetitions as you can do, that is, the work must wear out.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are one of the most simple and fun exercises to lose weight in the abdomen. Here you don't have to try too hard and try to perform exercises that your body cannot master. Respiratory gymnastics is an easy exercise and available to everyone, without exception. At the same time, this facility does not in any way affect the effectiveness of the exercises below, because thanks to breathing exercises, the body receives full saturation of oxygen, which in turn activates the metabolic process, and based on this long-awaited lossof weight. Of course, this is all theory, and to personally verify the benefits of breathing exercises, you must practice. So don't hesitate, but start losing weight and enjoying yourself at the same time.

Breathing exercise 1

Almost all exercises in this complex can be performed with music. That said, don't include rock or metal. The most suitable option is relaxing music. The first exercise assumes that you are completely relaxed and lying down. In this position, you must bend your knees to breathe deeply enough. When inhaling, it is necessary to contract the abdomen. As for exhalation, here you do everything in the opposite order, that is, exhaling, you don't suck the stomach, but you inflate. To complicate the task a bit, you can connect your body to work. To do this, while inhaling, bend your body into your abdomen to give the impression that you are rocking your abdomen. During exercise, breathing control is required and the number of repetitions must be at least ten times.

Breathing exercise 2

Do not change the position. We stretch our arms in relation to the length of the body and begin to breathe in and out quickly. It takes about ten seconds to perform this type of breathing. Then, you should contract your stomach as much as possible and slowly raise your feet. In this case, the feet must be perpendicular to the floor. Next, you need to pull your legs towards your body, wrapping your arms around them. We hold our breath and remain in this position for several seconds. The last stage of the exercise involves returning to the starting position and complete relaxation. It runs a maximum of four times.

Breathing exercise 3

The position of the body is the same, except for the arms, as they need to be moved under the buttocks. We inhale and exhale fast enough without missing a beat. We did about ten seconds. Then we lift our legs and contract our stomach. In this position, the scissor exercise is performed for about ten seconds. When you're done, lower your legs and relax completely. After a few seconds, repeat the entire set of actions again. The total number of repetitions of the exercise should not be less than ten times.

Breathing exercise 4

We accept the starting position, which means that you are standing and resting your back against the wall. As you inhale, you need to feel the tension in your lower back and, exhaling, press your lower back against the wall. In that case, the abdominal muscles must feel tension. It is repeated seven to eight times.

Breathing exercise 5

To perform the exercise, you must sit in a chair. The back is as straight as possible and the knees form a right angle. In this exercise, it is necessary to breathe with the abdomen and at the same time the abdominal muscles must work as much as possible, that is, periodically stretch and relax. The first time, ten of these breaths are performed, and then you should try to increase the total to 40 times.