The most effective exercises for the sides and belly

Deposits of fat in the thighs, waist and abdomen is the most common problem of women and men with metabolic disorders and a tendency to excess weight. To begin the fight against excess fat tissue on the abdomen and flanks, you first have to start to eat right and perform a set of fat-burning exercises that contribute to the "sleeves" of extra pounds.

losing weight in stomach and thighs

Immediately it is important to understand that to lose weight in a certain part of a body simply can not. Usually the excess fat goes from the top down: first the person loses weight, then Breasts, then slowly goes the extra arms, belly, waist, thighs, buttocks and calves. That is why to lose weight point, you will have to do exercises to load all intact, and the rock press for weight loss belly, as do the endless slopes to the sides, a common mistake dieters beginners: and even if they manage these exercises to tone muscles, which slightly increase in volume, the old layer of fat will remain in place, resulting in a stomach and a waist will only get bigger. Therefore, to remove deposits on the sides and stomach need a comprehensive exercises for weight loss.

In order to lose weight around the waist, hips and abdomen, need to train three to four times a week. Trainer for fast weight loss suggest to regularly adjust the curriculum to gradually increase difficulty of exercises. Because a will not to get used to the same type of loads, and thus will not adapt, and the conditions and stop the process of weight loss.

Exercises for the sides and belly at home

An obligatory element of any workout is the warm-up phenomenon, it should start any set of exercises for weight loss both men and women. That workout warms up the joints and prepares the muscles and loads, insuring hell possible injury when performing exercises. Then you can start and exercises to study AB pit sides and belly. They often include a standard set of movements, which will require only a Mat and your own crowbar. Also you can buy a large exercise ball that will help to do exercises to lose weight in the area of the press and of the parties with observance of balance. Here is great:

  • twisting,
  • plank on elbows and palms,
  • pull legs
  • Mahi.

To combine a few of these simple exercises to burning fat will be even more effective. Repeat the exercise for weight loss belly and sides is necessary without fanaticism and excessive overloads, train thoughtfully, working through the skin muscle. Approximately 12 to 15 repetitions of one exercise for 2-3 sets suitable for weight loss women and from 18 to 20 times for 3 sets is ideal for losing weight men. Crazy Rusca these figures are based on the hell of the previous level of training on nutrition and other personal metrics.

Effective exercises for women

Effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and back to women in the home is a set of simple movements that can make any woman without special training, tools and money. To perform this workout for slimming the abdomen and back three times a week, but if you want more. Most importantly, take sufficient time for relaxation of the muscles.

  • Twisting the top of a

Lying on your back bend your knees, rest your feet in the floor, plant your hands behind your head, elbows bred in hand. Drawn Yes the knees and elbows, straining the abdominal muscles and back. Head and neck are not tense and do not pull with your hands. Look in the so. Don't forget about deep breathing and constant muscle tension during exercise for weight loss.

  • Twisting on all a

Lying stretched out at full length factory arms behind his head. Slowly curl the lower and upper parts of a whole, simultaneously connecting the shoulders and knees on weight. Return to the starting position on the floor, repeat the exercise for slimming the sides and belly.

  • Plank on straight arms

Like the whole on four legs need to hold as long as possible. The pelvis can not lower or raise too high on head, back, buttocks and calves should form a straight line. The longer hang on in this position — the faster you burn fat. Each time the hour in the bar need to increase for a speedy weight loss.

exercise for weight loss

  • Leg raises on weight

Returning to the Mat in a lying down position to lock the hands under the buttocks, and effortlessly raise the straight leg 90 degrees. The more times we repeat, the faster phenomena are the first results of weight loss.

  • Leg lift on the side

Lie on your side so that the weight of his leg and the floor and trunk were in one line. Rely on elbow, other hand put in front of him. Raise the leg 90 degrees. Exercise for weight loss need to perform effortlessly, feel the work of the abdomen, waist, buttocks, and not to forget to breathe deeply. After 15 risers fall on the other side and repeat the exercise for a different part of the whole.

  • Shoulder bridge leg at a right angle

Effective exercise for fighting fat from prone position. Bend your knees at a right angle, conveniently abut shoulders and feet to the floor, hands lie along the body. Raise the hips and back to hell his knees and chest line tilted straight. The maximum strain the muscles of the abdomen and back, do 10 cycles of breath, gently lowered onto the back and repeat the exercise 3-4 times for speedy weight loss.

  • Scissors

Drop the bent knees, lying on your back. Not in a hurry, the breathing, the maximum number of times.

  • Drawing hands and feet

Effective exercise for fat burning, hardening the oblique muscles of the abdomen and slim the waist study. Lying on back put feet to the floor, knees bent. Hands along the whole lying on the floor. Alternately curl one hand the whole, reach the right arm and right leg as deeply as possible, then straightened and drawn leva Yes hand fingers left leg. Working the mill, back and arms. Neck strain can not. Breathing in deeply, moving carefully and feel during exercises work the abdominal and back muscles — a sure sign of weight loss.

A set of exercises for men

Men exercise for weight loss belly and sides must be chosen with a view to work all muscle groups. The bigger the muscle is strained, the faster energy will be lost body and burned fat stores, including belly and flanks. Men, like women, without proper nutrition and avoiding harmful habits the results can be expected. Remove fat from the sides and belly have a comprehensive work — training and diet.

Repeat the exercise for weight loss men need 20-25 times the average pace, of approaches can be 3-4, depending a hell of physical training. To do for fast result is better through the day, and to combine these workouts with running, Cycling, walking with obstacles and other types of cardio.

wrap for waist

Which exercise to choose the man to get the hell round belly and sticking out the sides?

  • Straight crunches with knees bent

Extend your elbows and bent with the weight his knees in the supine position;

  • Twisting on an inclined surface

On a flat bench completely straight the whole on the exhale, extend your elbows up;

  • Push-UPS with high leg lifts

Widely place hands on floor, straight legs raised on a chair or bed. Do presses at an angle, the torso straight and assembled, it is very important to a speedy weight loss;

  • Pull the dumbbells standing in the slope

Legs apart slightly wider than shoulder width bend at right angles. Hands with dumbbells raise hell thighs and chest narrow grip, elbows locked and waist. Do not rush and carefully bend the elbows in order not to pull muscles. While exercise for weight loss tense the abdomen and buttocks, do not forget about breathing technique;

  • Lunges with dumbbells press forward

The source will take a position standing straight, hold a dumbbell reverse grip in the hands, hips, do a naked one lunge forward, bend the leg at a right angle, straight arms, press the dumbbells Yes eye level. Return to starting position, repeat the exercise for weight loss 15-20 times on skin leg;

  • Pulling legs at a right angle on the bars

Rested in the hands on the bar, raise a, curl in lifting the lower part of a right angle, work through abdominal muscles;

  • Plank on hands with pulling up the knee

Do the standard plank on straight arms and pull your chest Yes every knee on the weight. This load is perfect for weight loss;

  • Plank with dumbbells

A standard exercise on straight arms is complicated by the dumbbells in hand, which rested palm. Without bending the back and legs rested on three points and in turn start each elbow for the belt tension in the hands and the press. Exercise is very effective for weight loss in the abdominal area and the sides, if you do it slowly and steadily.

Best exercises for beginners

How fast a week lose weight in the area of the sides and belly? The question is particularly relevant in summer when the rest of the sea inevitably approaching, and the sides and belly are growing steadily. The lightning round with body fat on the belly and sides it is better to find a balanced mono-diet and special physical exercises that help to lose weight quickly. Outset that speech can go about losing weight a few pounds for the short-term to lose weight for months in this mode is strictly prohibited.

Physical activity should not be limited to pumping abs and buttocks, in such a short time it is better to act comprehensively. For example, morning Jogging, evening, swimming, and afternoon is better to devote a small 50-minute training on all muscle groups, to disperse the heart for the more rapid fat loss belly and flanks. The main rule of weight loss: do not eat two hours after exercise.

Best exercises for beginners for the discharge of excess from the sides of the waist, stomach:

  • Crunches on an exercise ball or carpet

Classic twisting described above, but exercises can be modified for speedy weight loss, if you have access to a fitball. Lie back on the ball, legs bent at a right angle, rested his feet on the floor — it is our only support in this exercise. Hands with extended elbows start behind the head and pulling up them, keeping the balance and feeling the muscles of the abdomen;

  • Exercise "Table"

Be in the posture of "Table" with straight arms and bent right angle legs. The head is not raised above the body. Hell of a knees and shoulders should be on one line. Then alternate lifting each leg over the body;

  • Plank with jumping full height

Be in the bar on straight arms, pick up under first one foot, then the other, stand on straight legs, completely straight, jump with hands raised, tilted again, straighten one leg, be in the bar. Repeat this is an effective exercise for slimming the abdomen and back 10 times for each leg;

  • Lunges with dumbbells presses up

Standing exactly raise the arms with dumbbells and the level of the temples, elbows tight. Do the forward lunge and press dumbbell equal arms above your head. Be in its original position, bend elbows and do a lunge on the other leg lifting dumbbells up. For weight loss and development of abdominal muscles exercise try to perform effortlessly;

  • Side plank with lift his free hand up

Lie on your side, the upper leg is pressed against the carrier, be in the side bar with emphasis on the elbow straight and one leg. His free hand lifted straight up, keep the bar straining oblique muscles of the abdomen and tightening the waist so that it does not bend. Breathe evenly and hold for 20 seconds, then change direction and stretch the other side of the torso strap for even weight loss of the parties;

  • Plank with leg swings to the side

Become a regular in the bar, relying on the bent right angle elbows. In turn raise skin of leg, attach the ad itself aside, and again be in the bar. Work all the major muscle to pull the stomach and hips.

lose weight in waist

How to remove fat after childbirth

How to remove fat from your abdomen and back after childbirth? First of all, young moms need to monitor the health and mood — proper nutrition, good sleep and good spirits — that's the first assistants in faster weight loss after birth. But it widened the sides and belly young mothers do not resolve, there needs to be effective exercises for girls after birth, for slimming and toning muscles.

It is believed that doing sports with their physician's approval you can start about a month after natural birth, if the birth mom and took quite an active lifestyle. To remove the belly and flanks are less mobile mothers can begin just a month and a half after giving birth. Underwent a caesarean section will have to wait Yes the first exercise to lose weight about 2.5 months after surgery.

"Vacuum" in the early stages you need to do lying down on a firm surface, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach, and even the first glass of water. To do "Vacuum" correctly, you need to bend your knees and raise arms out to the side. Then take a deep breath and to exhale all the air that has accumulated in the abdominal cavity, straining all the muscles of the abdomen during the detention of the exhale. On a deep exhale, the chest should open, and the stomach would catch up to her. Don't rush, pay attention to each muscle belly when the voltage on the exhale. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times. The deeper and longer the movement, the faster the young mother will be able to lose weight.

With a more active set of exercises for weight loss after delivery should be allocated to the same movements that will be suitable for all women to reduce fat on the abdomen and flanks:

  • twisting on the floor;
  • leg lifts lying down;
  • climbs straight legs lying on the back;
  • climbs straight down on the sides;
  • various types of straps;
  • squat near the wall.

Do not forget about the technique of breathing if the breaths should be possible to strain the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, back, and first results weight loss will definitely be felt.