How to lose 5 kg in a week: effective diet and exercise

Slimming Dishes

Losing weight in seven days is quite possible. This desire does not arise like that. This means that some special event is planned in advance, and I want to be perfect at it. Before you start losing weight quickly, you need to choose the option that best suits you.

The diet is stressful for the body, and as a result the malfunction of the human body is possible. How realistic is it to lose weight in a week and not harm? The answer lies in adhering to the developed nutritional plan.

It is possible to lose weight in 7 days

A week is a short but psychologically significant period that allows a person to reach certain indicators. Subject to the rules of nutrition, it is quite possible, but the most important thing is to maintain the weight later. In no case should you go on a hunger strike or "sit down" on a rigid mono-diet, the essence of which is a product included in it. There are a large number of diet plans that help you lose 2 to 7 kg of excess weight over a week.

Losing weight quickly is frustrating for some people. Explaining this is simple - the first to lose weight are the face, the chest, the shoulders, then the problem areas of the body, abdomen, hips and buttocks turn. They do not have time to say goodbye to excess deposits and the result does not live up to expectations. In these cases, sports activities, a special massage that increases blood flow and "burns" fat at a faster rate will help. Corrected nutrition will help you lose weight quickly and permanently.

Principles of good nutrition

To make weekly weight loss a reality, each person chooses an individual diet. Its effect should be to reduce weight, maintain the result and, most importantly, maintain health. The result of weight loss under temporary restriction depends on a balanced diet. Other factors do not have time to manifest in a short time.

It is necessary to adhere to the principles of adequate nutrition during the weight loss period, as well as in the future. Other foods can be added to the diet, this will only improve health.

The rules for catering are as follows:

  1. Set priorities for yourself by creating a system.
  2. Healthy salad
  3. The basis of nutrition is protein plus the right fats and carbohydrates. Liquid in the amount of 1, 5-2 liters daily.
  4. Keep a calorie deficit. The calculation of this indicator must be strictly individual.
  5. Frequency of meals - 5 times a day. Daily distribution: breakfast - up to 600 kcal, lunch - 200 kcal, lunch - 400 kcal, snack - 150 kcal and dinner - 300 kcal.
  6. No dry water.
  7. Portions: vegetables, first courses and dairy products worth 150 g, meat and fish - 120 g. Nuts, fruits, vegetable oil - a little.
  8. Follow your diet every day.

After a week of losing weight, it's important to avoid overeating. If the excess weight exceeds the 30 kg limit, consultation with a nutritionist is required before the weekly fast.

Sample menu

The diet to lose weight each week can be done individually, choosing healthy and favorite ingredients. The main principle of food intake is the complete rejection of flour products, confectionery sweets, carbonated drinks.

Base of the week's dietary menu, in which the daily meal is divided into 4 stages: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Day one - saturation of the body with slow carbohydrates:

  1. Oatmeal porridge in water, add a slice of pear or kiwi.
  2. Boiled fish and green salad.
  3. Durum wheat pasta, cooked vegetables.
  4. Nuts, pear, in moderation.

Day Two - Nutrients:

  1. 5 fried egg whites, boiled spinach.
  2. Vegetable puree soup, a slice of whole grain bread.
  3. Cooked vegetables and fish.
  4. Yogurt with 0% fat, fresh red fruits, dried fruits.

Day three - vitamins, minerals:

  1. Oats in water, pear.
  2. Wholemeal bread, vegetables.
  3. Chicken stewed with vegetables.
  4. Dried apricots, fruit smoothie.

Day four - fibers and vitamins:

  1. Any sugar-free porridge, orange.
  2. Steamed fish, vegetable salad.
  3. Meat stew with vegetables.
  4. Two apples baked with honey and cinnamon, low-fat cottage cheese.

Day 5 - unloading. Divide fresh vegetables and fruits into five meals, exclude physical activity and do morning breathing exercises.

Day six - to sum up:

  1. Low fat apple and cottage cheese.
  2. Vegetable and pasta soup.
  3. Weight Loss Products
  4. Various cooked prawns, vegetable salad.
  5. Fruits and nuts.

Saturation of the seventh day:

  1. Whole pancakes with berries.
  2. Vegetables cooked with meat.
  3. Fish cooked with vegetables.
  4. Yogurt 0%, apple, nuts.

The week's diet is effective and simple, and its menu can be adjusted by changing the ingredients to the same calorie and utility.

Best exercises

To lose a few pounds urgently, you cannot run out of sports loads. Today's exercises have been developed for all problem areas. Most of them are performed in a complex way, while the whole body is being worked on. This is a complementary action to a healthy diet, without which it will be meaningless.

Classes should start with a warm-up, their purpose is to warm up the muscles. Included in the heating complex:

  • running around, walking;
  • slopes;
  • hand rotation.

These simple and easy exercises are just as important as the main complex. They must be executed as quickly as possible.

For legs

In order to lose 5kg in one week it became a reality, a series of exercises was developed. Here the countdown continues over time, allocating 45-60 seconds for each exercise. You need to perform the exercises at a pace to increase the effect.

Leg exercise

Perform arm steps for 45 seconds, with one repetition:

  1. Stand up straight.
  2. Lean forward, rest your hands on the floor, your legs straight.
  3. Hands "take a step" back and forth.

Twisting exercise:

  1. Lie flat on the mat, arms at your sides.
  2. Lift your torso, straight legs are on the floor.

When run, the printer is also pumped. Execution time and repetition times as well.

An effective complex is to turn the bicycle.

  1. Lie on the carpet.
  2. Lift your legs, bend your knees, rotate the bike in the air.
  3. Go to the floor.

For hips

The main exercise to lose weight is the lunge on the back. Exercise helps to tighten the back of your thigh.

  1. Stand straight with your hands on your hips.
  2. Throw back with your foot.
  3. Return to the original position.
  4. Repeat with the other leg.
  5. Do the complex for 30 seconds on each leg, repeat 2 times.

Side board:

  1. Position - enter the bar.
  2. Open to one side, arm up.
  3. Go back and repeat the other way.

Each side has 30 seconds. After completing the complex, do a repetition.

The squat is essential in any set of leg exercises.

  1. Feet shoulder width apart, arms lower.
  2. Sit with your back straight, press your arms against your chest.
  3. Weights will increase the effect.


The exercise will tighten the abdominal muscles, remove extra centimeters at the waist:

  1. Lie on your back on the mat, hold the support with your hands.
  2. Legs bent.
  3. Exhaling, lift your legs.
  4. With a sigh, lower it.
  5. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times, rest for 30 seconds and perform the approach again.

Rack exercise effectively "burns" fat in problem areas, improves metabolism and removes cellulite deposits. The bow must be rotated without interruption for at least 10 minutes. If the bow falls, take it and start over. The more you rotate continuously,Press exercisethe more effect you can get.

Riveting exercise:

  1. Lie on your back.
  2. Lift your legs and torso to the maximum upper position, touch the legs with your hands.
  3. Do 10 repetitions slowly.

All of these exercises are simple and accessible and can be done at home. However, practicing them regularly will provide toned muscles, lightness and a good mood.

The most effective fast diets

The weekly weight loss technique is very popular. Nutritionists have developed a variety of menus to help increase the effect. However, any diet requires prior familiarization with your plan and consultation with a doctor, if necessary.


Mono-diet, whose main product is buckwheat. Contains few carbohydrates, promotes the breakdown of fats, is rich in proteins and vitamins. Buckwheat is simply prepared: pour boiling water over a cereal cup, cover with a lid and leave for 8-10 hours. Consumed during the day in any amount. The main condition is without salt, oil, sugar, spices. As a supplement, you can drink a liter of low-fat kefir, herbal tea. If you get tired of porridge, you can eat 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese, an unsweetened apple for lunch. You can sleep 3-4 hours after dinner.


This diet, which is very effective for losing weight for a week, is not a mono diet. Any low-calorie product is added to the main ingredient. The daily norm for kefir is 1. 5 liters, the fat percentage is zero. You can drink water and herbal tea without restrictions. You cannot use sugar, salt, black tea and coffee. The following products can be added to kefir (no more than 400 grams), only in this type of diet can the volume of kefir be reduced to 0. 5 liters.

Example of food:

    Kefir with apples
  1. Baked potatoes.
  2. Cottage cheese with low fat content.
  3. Fruit.
  4. Boiled chicken breast.
  5. Like the third day.
  6. 1. 5 liters of still water.
  7. Like the fifth day.

This menu, combined with an iron will, allows you to lose 5 kg per week.

In the water

For a week on a water diet, in addition to saying goodbye to seven pounds, the body is cleared of toxins and the edema is eliminated.

The daily menu consists of:

  1. Drink mineral water - 1. 5 liters.
  2. Skimmed milk - 1 liter. You can eat a green apple before bed.
  3. Drink mineral water - 1. 5 liters.
  4. Cabbage and carrot salad with herbs, a drop of vegetable oil.
  5. Skimmed milk - 1 liter.
  6. For breakfast - boiled egg, tea, lunch - light soup and a piece of cooked meat.
  7. For breakfast and dinner - skim milk or cottage cheese. For lunch, drink half a liter of kefir.

In oatmeal

The oat diet is simple and varied. For the first three days, eat oats, drink extracts of rosehips and green tea. The correct process for cooking porridge: the oats are steamed with boiling water, infused for 10 minutes. This method preserves the beneficial properties of oatmeal. In the following days, it is allowed to add a green apple to the daily diet.

You can eat 3 hours before bed during your diet. It is advisable to follow this rule after the end of the diet. With an oatmeal diet, you can lose weight quickly in a week.

Cottage cheese


This diet is very effective when combined with various foods. The most effective cottage cheese diet with kefir, thanks to which you can get rid of five pounds a week. Fermented dairy products increase the body's metabolic processes, as a result of which fats are broken down.

Every day you can eat 300 grams of fat-free cottage cheese, drink up to a liter and a half of a percent kefir. The daily dose should be divided into six doses. It is necessary to abandon the curd diet with caution. Gradually add food, first fruits, cereals and lean meat. To consolidate the result, you should not eat sweets for two weeks.


This economical option is light and tasty. And the result is up to 7 kg per week. The dietary menu includes apples and water. Weight loss occurs as a result of restricted calorie intake.

You can add a piece of rye bread a day to your diet, as well as green tea. The norm per day is 1. 5 kg of apples.

Slimming involvement

One of the most popular volume reduction procedures is the wrap. With its help, you can stretch the skin, make it firm and elastic, thus correcting the figure.

Wraps are available at home, they are:

  • ;
  • chocolate;
  • Casing
  • dear;
  • oil and others.

Caffeine from coffee acts on fat deposits and breaks them down. The skin takes on a healthy color and becomes toned. Honey - nourishes, restores, removes cellulite. For the packaging process, the honey is melted in a water bath. The cocoa found in chocolate rejuvenates and stretches the skin.

To lose weight quickly, a person must formulate a goal for himself. During the diet, try to be distracted by interesting activities, hobbies. Make sure you get enough sleep. Avoid drinking alcohol and other bad habits. All efforts, if carried out in a timely manner and in a complex manner, will save some of the extra pounds.